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Topic: SVP FPS Changing all the time and causing frame drops

Hello, I have a strange bug with a video file.
From what I've seen I think this only happens with MadVR, but would like to get some help for this problem if it isn't too much of a bother smile
This is the first video file I've seen so far to introduce this kind of behaviour in SVP with MadVR.
I think it has something to do with the source frame rate changing all the time, I have variable frame rate fix enabled but it doesn't seem to help at all, although it does detect variable frames.

Now to the problem:
while I'm watching an Anime series (Info below.)
SVP first changes the fps 23.971 * (5:2) = 59.928 fps and smoothness can be seen normally. However, after a certain amount of time, randomly.. this happens:
SVP changes the fps 23.974 * (2:1) = 47.948 fps, and it keeps going on:
SVP then changes the fps 23.98 * (5:2) = 59.95 fps and:
SVP changes fps 23.964 * (2:1) = 47.928 fps, this keeps on going so I'm going to stop with the numbers tongue

I could turn off OSD, but clear frame drops can often be seen. Why does this happen? Is it fixable?

Last processed file parameters:
Filename: [Exiled-Destiny]_Grenadier_Ep05_(C5CFE5FC).mkv
Frame size and frame rate: 720x480 pixels, 23.917 fps
Internal Avisynth-framerate: 29.97 fps

Detected screen parameters
Screen size and refresh rate: 1920x1080 pixels, 59.998 Hz
After aspect ratio correction: 1620x1080 pixels (SAR=853/720)

Video smoothing info
Smooth factor: 5:2
Resulting video frame rate: 59.793 fps
Repeat 1 frame every 4.9 sec (without ReClock)

I've also tried to playback the movie with ReClock, but if I remember correctly, same issue.

SVP Settings:

Selected profile: 720x576@25

Profile settings of video processing
[ExMethod=MSmoothFps_0]        Frames interpolation mode: Uniform (max smoothness)
[ExAlgo=13]            SVP shader: 13. Standard (default)
[ExMulti=MON]            Target frame rate: To screen refresh rate (default)
[ExBlockSize=8x8:2]        Motion vectors grid: 6 px. Small 2
[ExRecalc=65000:4]        Decrease grid step: To smallest step 3-4 px.
[TypeDist=Exh:-10:SATD]        Search radius: Average (default)
[ExPel=2]            Motion vectors precision: Half pixel (default)
[Badsad=2000:-24]        Wide search: Strongest
[ExSadml=25]            Artifacts masking: Weakest
[ExBlend=false]            Processing of scene changes: Repeat frame (default)
[ExDwnResize=0]            Decrease frame size: Disabled (default)
[ExConvertFps=false]        Blend frames to screen refresh rate:false

Settings by menu
[svp_libflowgpu=1]        GPU-acceleration (OpenCL): true
[ExThreads=0]            Processing threads: Auto
[StereoMode=0]            Stereo mode (3D): Plain 2D
[HandCrop=None]            Frame crop: Disabled
[Borderlight=None]        Outer lighting: Disabled
[BorderlightZoom=5]        Glow amount: 5%
[BorderlightType=8:8:100:1]    Lighting type: Type 3
[VDelay=0]            Video delay: 0 ms
[ExDemo=0]            Demonstration mode: false
[ExTearingTest=0]        Tearing test: false
[EFrameDoubling=1]        Variable frame rate repair: true
[StopSmoothDelayOnRewind=2]    Turn off on seek: Turn off by 2 sec

If you need to know something else let me know, using filters:
LAV Video Decoder
ffdshow Raw
MPC Audio Decoder
Haali Media Source

My computer specs
AMD Radeon HD 6950
Intel i5 750 @ 3.2GHz
System performs optimally.

SVP Index and CPU %:
0.97% - 1.04%

Help will be appreciated smile

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Re: SVP FPS Changing all the time and causing frame drops

Hmm, also with certain .mp4 video files I get around 20 frame drops every second, and ffdshow reports fps at around 25-5400. So SVP doesn't interpolate at all, (1:1).

Disabling SVP doesn't change the reported fps in ffdshow, it is still ridiculously high! Wonder what could cause this..

EDIT: Actually reinstalling ffdshow fixed that, but still.. same frame drops so it wasn't it hmm

Re: SVP FPS Changing all the time and causing frame drops

1st post: try setting "Target frame rate" to "Double source frame rate (2x)" & turn off "Variable frame rate repair"
2nd post: go to "Settings"->"Enable deinterlacing"
just try to help  smile

Re: SVP FPS Changing all the time and causing frame drops

Can you give me a link to these files?
1. [Exiled-Destiny]_Grenadier_Ep05_(C5CFE5FC).mkv
2. certain .mp4 video files

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Re: SVP FPS Changing all the time and causing frame drops

Hey, thanks for helping raymondkwan and also MAG.


I tried using double source frame rate with variable frame rate repair off (also had the enable deinterlacing toggled on at this point)
It was a lot better, though some very minor frame droppings did still occur, like 4 in 30 seconds.

The problem in my second post still however, maintained..


I'll see if I can provide some links/samples, not sure about copyright laws with the following anime though.

The "certain .mp4 video files" at least mean videos recorded with a friend's Nokia mobile phone.
Haven't tried to watch clips recorded from my Samsung Galaxy S III, going to do it now and will provide sample if the following problem exists.

EDIT: Okay, I have recorded a video with the Galaxy S III. Frame drops occur and SVP keeps on changing the fps.
Here is the link to the Galaxy video sample mentioned above. http://speedy.sh/AhAKh/20130311-161002.mp4

EDIT2: Okay, I might've found the problem with the video captured on the Galaxy S III, I noticed I didn't get any frame drops windowed, so I checked
the madvr settings again, disabled "present frames in advance" and the issue was gone.

As for Grenadier, I've provided a sample for you. http://speedy.sh/Pvhnv/sample.mkv

Re: SVP FPS Changing all the time and causing frame drops

Your sample has variable framerate (VFR). It is difficult case to SVP because framerate on some intervals of video is different from default framerate for this video.

mkv2vfr.exe sample.mkv NUL sample.vfr


# timecode format v1
Assume 23.976

Frames # 454-516 = 38 frames at 29.97 fps displayed 38/29.97 = 1.27 sec
Frames # 566-562 = 4 frames at 29.97 fps displayed 4/29.97 = 0.13 sec

SVP has duration of reaction to framerate change about 2 seconds. SVP can't be in time with switching from 23.976 * (5:2) = 59.94 to 29.97 * (2:1) = 59.94

You can make vfr-file to your movie by yourself. Use mkv2vfr.exe from [Program Files]\Haali\MatroskaSplitter\ folder. Then look for 29.97 fps intervals in the vfr-file. If they are short then choose in the SVP profile constant coefficient of smoothing 5:2. Target frame rate: 24->60 (2.5x).

Re: SVP FPS Changing all the time and causing frame drops

Ok, cheers MAG79 smile
Will do that.

Re: SVP FPS Changing all the time and causing frame drops

Avdshare Video Converter will take change MP4 file frame rate as an example and it can also serve to change AVCHD, MTS, M2TS, MXF, XAVC, ProRes, MPG, AVI, FLV, MOV, WMV, MKV and almost all video format frame rates