Topic: Unsmooth lines in The Matrix

The Matrix reloaded is the only movie i've done this with but i'm getting weird artifacts at the default settings. Here are some pictures: … .04%5D.jpg … .52%5D.jpg

The line is supposed to be smooth. I've tried multiple settings but nothing conclusive. Any thoughts?


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Re: Unsmooth lines in The Matrix

I love The Matrix trilogy smile
Lets show some screenshots... Just from "The Matrix Reloaded" but Four years ago.

"Professional" frame-interpolator TrimensionDNM from WinDVD:

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Re: Unsmooth lines in The Matrix

And MVTools Four years ago. Script named "MVTools_slow" (prototype of SVP).

Screenshots copied from this Russian forum

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Re: Unsmooth lines in The Matrix

As you can see TrimensionDNM did frameblending at "hard" frames: two contours of windows, of mans, of all.
Early MVTools script tried to calculate intermediate positions of the objects and have many distortions of contours so called "waved artifacts" or "contour artifacts".

And SVP 3.1.2 looks not so bad at your two screenshots: no frameblending and only a little waved artifacts.
We work from version to version of SVP to get more quality while interpolating.

To solve your problem you can choose less artifacts but less smoothness.
Try change Frames interpolation mode to 1m or to 2m.

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Re: Unsmooth lines in The Matrix

I've changed the mode to 2m and now it plays beautifully. Artifacts are not as annoying anymore.

It seems to me that 2m is the most smooth and the most artifact free. At least with the content that I've tested(mainly 720p blu-ray movies). Anything above 2m starts getting jittery. Not sure if it's a CPU problem or just due to the content being played.

edit: I just have to mention. That's incredible progress. Makes my complaint a non-issue really.