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Ok, but why is it not picking up any links from the clipboard?
Have you experienced the same problem on 16.04?
If that function of SVTube does not work on Linux, is there a way to manually force SVP to play links?

Thanks for your efforts!


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Small Update:

I was listening to some music on Youtube and all of a sudden SVTube randomly played one single link.
The small window still crashes the instant I click and I was unable to replicate that with any other video.
The window now displays  that specific video in all kinds of formats, resolutions and quality settings as expected from youtube-dl. I have attached a screenshot of it again.


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These are the log entries regarding SVTube.
Have you heard other Linux Users raise this issue, as I could not find anything about the matter on google or this forum.
I use Lubuntu 14.04.

16:12:56.009 : Extensions: found svptube ...
16:12:56.009 : Settings: loading tube.cfg OK
16:12:56.013 : Tube: initializing youtube_dl...
16:12:56.079 : Main: initialization completed in 371 ms
16:12:56.355 : Tube: youtube_dl ready
16:13:32.124 : QXcbClipboard: Selection request should be caught before

There is definitely a problem with the clipboard recognition, but then there is also the issue with the SVTube window instantly closing when I left or right click.


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I have successfully installed SVP4Linux on my Ubuntu 14.04 machine.
Interpolating local files to 60FPS works perfectly, but I cannot seem to get SVTube to work.

I have also  successfully installed libpython3.5 which seems to be a prerequisite to get it working.

Copying a Youtube or source link of any kind is simply not picked up.
When I click on the option at the top of the SVTube menu, "Show video formats window", a small window pops up saying "Waiting for URL of online video",  which instantly disappears when I left or right click anywhere on the screen.
I have attached a screenshot of that window as it is closing for no reason.

Can you help me figure out the problem?