Want to install svp on my macbook pro 2020 on macOS catalina

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me@me-MBP ~ % /Volumes/SVP\ 4\ Mac/Install\ mpv.command ; exit;
Warning: The Ruby Homebrew installer is now deprecated and has been rewritten in
Bash. Please migrate to the following command:
  /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install.sh)"

Sorry, try again.
==> This script will install:
==> The following new directories will be created:
==> The Xcode Command Line Tools will be installed.

Press RETURN to continue or any other key to abort
/Volumes/SVP 4 Mac/Install mpv.command: line 11: brew: command not found
/Volumes/SVP 4 Mac/Install mpv.command: line 18: brew: command not found
/Volumes/SVP 4 Mac/Install mpv.command: line 19: brew: command not found
/Volumes/SVP 4 Mac/Install mpv.command: line 21: brew: command not found
/Volumes/SVP 4 Mac/Install mpv.command: line 27: /Users/me/.config/mpv/mpv.conf: No such file or directory

[Process completed]

Edited out my real name.

I attempted a funny cat video in slow motion, but the issue i have is even with blending frames, it has some terrible stuttering. What could be the reason?

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cywoo9ohlwia8 … O.mp4?dl=0


MAG79 wrote:

I think SVP can do the same with the same quality.
Video by your link is slow-motion video.

You can do a trick. For example take MPC-HC player and press Ctrl-Arrow Down to reduce playback speed to 0.5x or 0.25x or even 0.13x. You will get effect like in this video.

I did, it then appeared as 24 or 30 fps at half speed. Or rather no interpolation at all. Same with 0.25x

I tried to transcode a movie to 2.5 times the bitrate for a 60 fps movie, but the image quality was really bad in terms of blockyness. What's the settings to enable handbrake's "medium" encoding preset for SVP's transcoding setting? Cause svp's "slow" is't  "good quality enough" for small sized movies i transcode with handbrake for my phone. Is there any slower better quality settings i can use?

Got any ones with nvidia flow enabled? tongue

And how is you guys's take on nvidia flow? is the quality marginally better? I'm bad at studying each frame as i lack concentration to focus long enough tongue

Also, motion vectors grid, what's the difference between 4px and 32px? is the 4px better because grid is divided into 4x4px grid for motion and 32px meaning it will boxus on smaller changes?

I want to find the best "taxing" settings that gives the best outcome with most smoothness, least "blur" and least "motion artifacts" for transcoding movies for mobile/VR. What's the very best settings that gives the best visuals?


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Would it be possible if svp also could add a A.I upscaling along with the interpolation? Like shield tv 2019 can now use a A.I upscaling to make each frame much crisper of lower res videos, and even 1080p crisper for 4k in realtime.

Chainik wrote:


I tried, it and it was really stuttery. Got a rtx 2080

Like this. Will we perhaps see svp be able to achieve the same smooth frame interpolation even in really fast paced scenes or with scenes with a lot of moving people or objects without artifacts with the new flow SDK?


Oh, i think it crashes because even if i choose 2080 as the rendering device, it uses both the integrated and the 2080. Cause i use both intel hd graphics and 2080 these days. Could you see if you could debug it in a future update to use either of the 2?

MAG79 wrote:

nvopencl64.dll is library of GPU drivers.

Looks like something corrupted in it. It can be in some cases after Windows 10 updates.
It can be fixed. Just reinstall NVIDIA GPU drivers with clean install option enabled.

Did yesterady and clean installed them after using DDU, still the same issue.

I can't run svp at this point. It crashes no matter what i do within a minute whether a movie is ru nning or not.

I am making very small transcoding with handbrake and h265 with slow transcoding to make very small but decent looking 2GB movies for my phone, but I wanna SVP them for 60 fps. If the movie is 2Mbit bitrate, how much bitrate is needed to have the same quality at 60 fps svp trans code?

MAG79 wrote:

If you know avisynth syntax you can add script to drop frames on the fly.
See "Drop every other frame" description in Example section.

I tried to add it, but it didn't give me an option in SVP, nor did it change the outcome in mpc hc.

Chainik wrote:

only if you drop every 3rd frame from the source stream

1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 ...
1 2 x 1 2 x 1 2 x -> "2s"
1 x x 1 x x 1 x x -> "1s"

Oh yeah, would be very time consuming, but could work. If i drop one scenery frame, it will be 2s. I can try to video edit a few secs or a minute at most to test with, but then i have to probably SVP transcode it from 16 fps to 30 or 32 fps. as i then remove a frame.

In animations, anime is usually 2s (1 character animation per 2 frames) but the new dragon prince cartoon is CGI and with 3d models, but the models are animated with 3s (one animation frame every 3 frames) to make it have more cartoonic artistic style which looks very choppy. Is there a way to interpolate those character frames from 3s to 2s, 1.5 or 1s?


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I'm using SVP now with my new 2080, and i'm not sure it fully supports turing arcitecture? It uses 11/ of my 8700k but only 6% of my gpu's decoding and 7% gpu 3d engine.

Is there lack of compatability here? or what's the reason for the gpu not to take over for the cpu?



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H264 NVENC for gpu acceleration.


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MAG79 wrote:

Maybe it is maximum encode framerate for your hardware?
What FPS do you get?

Encoding fos is 144 i think it was.

So it's fps limited? cause i hoped it would encode way more frames than that as i just upgraded to a near twice as powerful cpu.


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MAG79 wrote:

You have fast ssd and bottleneck is somewhere not in ssd.

Try to check dualchannel mode via CPU-Z.
Try to check PCIe mode via GPU-Z.

I can test GTX 1080 load next week. It can be hardware or software limitation.
I have not GTX 980m to check how it must work.

dualchannel is activated
PCI-E is at 16x
(both confirmed with CPU and GPUZ

Yeah, you don't need to test with a 980m as my laptop already uses 100% cpu already and as much gpu as needed there too.  It's the desktop performance i question with transcode that doesn't use 100% cpu.

Even my old 4790k was using 100%, but not the 8700k.


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MAG79 wrote:

Maybe it is RAM speed (single channel), PCIe mode (1x) or HDd speed limitation. Check it.
1. What application are you using to get CPU and GPU load?
2. Am I rigth that your laptop has so hot hardware (4790k + gtx1080)?

Ram speed is 2666mhz (2x 16GB in dualchannel)
Storage is 970 evo m2 getting 200k iops 3.5/1.5GB read/write
I'm using task manager to check for cpu and gpu usage.

Nope, 4790k is my desktop.

Laptop has 4720HQ and used 100% during the transcode. 4790k also used 100% cpu, but much less gpu due to 980m vs 1080.

But 8700k and 1080 hardly uses anything. or gpu doesn't use anything and only 46% cpu on 8700k.


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And what about for the low cpu and gpu percentage transcoding?


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MAG79 wrote:

> would it not work to also make the interpolating process gpu only too?
No way for today's SVP libraries. CPU is needed to detect motions in video and calculate motion vectors.
See svpflow1 for details: https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/Manual:SVPflow

Alrighty, thanks smile

Also, another question now after i upgraded my pc toi 8700k. Is the interpolation limited by a set amount of cpu cores? Cause with the 4790k i got 67% cpu usage, but when i tested with a movie now, it's using max 46% cpu and 11-15% gpu.

And for the encoding, is it possible to set the "advanced" encoding to have minimum 1Mbit and max 4Mbit for a variable bitrate?

smooth-motion wrote:

You don't necessarily need such a powerful CPU when you have gpu acceleration enabled and can tolerate slightly lower settings, but the processor in question here would thermal throttle from playing tetris.

Yeah, but as i'm getting a very lightweight 2-in-1 laptop or just a normal 11 or 12 inch laptop for around 500, then it's not gonna have a powerful dedicated gpu other than the intel hd graphics. And it's not gonna play any harder games than maybe factorio level graphical ones if any games at all as i'm getting it 90% for tv shows and movies on the go (tinnitus, so need something constantly running), and since i fell in love with SVP, then i think i wanna get one that has the cpu performance to maybe give me 48 or 60 fps interpolation. And since the i3 only was 50-100 more than the other pentium one, i might buy the i3 one and try it out with svp and see how it goes. If not, then i might buy a new hdd for it where i have all pre interpolated videos. Gonna takje a half decade, but meh, better than having to spend too much just to watch 60 fps video on the go. Cause the laptop i'm thinking of even has 8 hours of battery life which is good for 4+ hours of constant videos.

Then as i said, what's the minimum cpu recommended for SVP for a smooth experience? Come with recommendations what i minimum need. The device will only be used for video playback.