Sure, I did not  big_smile

It's working now smile

It does not depend on temperature.
Event Viewer:

Faulting application name: PotPlayerMini.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x51401f2c
Faulting module name: PotPlayer.dll, version: 1.5.38562.0, time stamp: 0x51c91937
Exception code: 0xc000041d
Fault offset: 0x002981f1
Faulting process id: 0xeb0
Faulting application start time: 0x01ce729d1aef5add
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Daum\PotPlayer\PotPlayerMini.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Daum\PotPlayer\PotPlayer.dll
Report Id: 65aec3a2-de90-11e2-bf31-b870f47d4dea
Faulting package full name: 
Faulting package-relative application ID: 

Not very helpful.

I found out, though, this crashing depends somehow on Potplayer memory usage and number of SVP's working threads.
When I changed threads from Auto to 6, the video was playing and playing without error, even when I was switching fullscreen back and forth which before always resulted in a crash..

After some tests I found out that maximal number of not crashing threads is 12 for me (and this number depends on filters/renderers I use   mad  ).

I am on 2670QM

Potplayer 1.5.37776
Lav, internal, coreavc - it fails regardless the decoder and it's mode.
I've noticed the error sometimes also appears without GPU acceleration, when CPU is very busy.

I don't know if it helps but the error pops after about a minute and only when user interacts with the player. It's possible to watch the whole movie if you don't click anything.

It also notoriously happens to me. Only when GPU acceleration is selected in SVP.
I have Geforece 540M with the newest drivers and it pass SVPmark

Let's create (Chrome ;] ) extension which would launch player and pause youtube with a single click. And movie would begin from the time stamp when it was clicked. 

I was thinking also about plugin which could substitute flash player with one which uses Directshow codecs. But it may be difficult to do it properly and I think the only existing plugin which use windows codecs is shitty Windows Media Player Plugin.


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Ok, that was the case. Your solution is working for me. Although it would be perfect if SVP made avisynth script disabled completely when playing high frame rate material, to reduce memory usage and to avoid on seek short playback freeze and on seek osd messages.


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I could prove it to you smile but I think I've isolate the problem and I'll just explain when it happens. So mode 1:1 bypass interpolation correctly for all my 60fps videos except 1080p ones.
Does it make sense to you? are 1080p videos treated in a different way?


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Thanks for reply but fix didn't help. 
I turned VFR detection off. But there is a problem with 1:1 playback because SVP still tries to apply smoothness. CPU is busy, memory is used and the output video is a bit jerky.
I can live without VFR but it would be good if this 1:1 mode will work properly.

I have lots of converted 60fps (60000/1001) videos. I'd like SVP to be automatically disabled while playing 60fps.

CPU is high and after starting playback the OSD says:
>Playback: 59.94*(1:1)=59.94 fps

Then after a while it constantly shows:
Variable frame rate detected. (~59.985 fps)
It's recommended to enable "Variable playback repair"...


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I can't wait for 3.0.4 bug-fix release!!  I can test it if any betas.


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I've just been writing to you bug details when I come up with some idea.  It strange because I though I've already checked this idea....  - anyway, I've made two another windows accounts to be sure: one with my real name and one with some stupid short name. It occurs that the problem was with my real name because in %Userprofile% path was polish letter "ł" from Unicode shit or something.

Details for Bug elimination (account with ł):
- SVP is saving and loading its setting successfully
- SVP icon is getting freeze when video is playing and unfreeze when video stops (freeze - I mean I right click on it and nothing happens)
- although icon is frozen SVP does something to active avisynth scripts in ffdshow (for example degrain), because when SVP runs those scripts don't work as they were cleaned

It is important what filters are you actually using (right click on video -> filters) . You can also try another player (I like KMplayer). But you have to be careful because all those modern players has internal filters which have to be disabled in order to make ffdshow and SVP working.


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Why you using deinterlacing  tab? Disable it. And make sure ffdshow is really running - check if there is ffdshow icon in tray or right click on video and check what filters are used.


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Hi developers:
Catching occasion I'd like to add sth to topic. New SVP came up and I make recently another trial with no success.   

When video is playing and SVP says it waits for ffdshow, it also is frozen and when I right click on it nothing happen. Earlier I thought it is supposed to be frozen to ensure no changes during playback but now I know it is a bad sign. Moreover when I play video with some very old Widezu's scripts and SVP is launched it seems like SVP override avisynth script but doesn't apply its own script, only freeze and waits for ffdshow.
To summarize it knows that ffdshow is running but it stuck in some moment when talking with ffdshow.
Any hints what could be wrong (for me and few other people I found with this problem)?


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I think I tried everything. 
I unintalled codecs and then installed SVM package. 
In ffdsow (raw)  I have ffdhow_remote_message enabled and the grab tab is visible (don't know what for).
Tried different players, filters, renderers.

I have applied avisynth script and it does interpolation but with extreme CPU usage because doesn't use GPU.
SVP manager say all the time - Waiting for ffdshow video...  but nothing happens.

Any solution?