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Thank you for the very detailed info!!


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Hey guys,

         I have SVP 4 PRO and my HTPC CPU is ancient, a AMD Phenom II x4 B60 but my GPU is a R9 270x 2gb & 8gbs RAM.
I have set my profile on Max quality and High masking and see my CPU load around ~90-100% all the time. I tried to lower it and it floats around ~60-85% but w/ the cost of smoothness.

I already did the performance assessment test as well.

Can you guys kindly explain how I can get the best out of my set up?

Also, What does the masking do? Difference between low, mid, & high??

Is the Auto default setting the best or should I make a custom profile??



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I too am experiencing high CPU, what percentage does SVP needs to be to play well, mine is maxed at 100% w/ high settings


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Is  there a app that lets you see fps in real time like fraps but for videos?? Also, does anybody have the same specs as me or close specs in terms of TV, I have a Samsung UN60J6200 and it says is has 120hz.

I can definitely tell when the its CMR is active on all vids, SVP I can't for some reason. I have both of them enabled and I can tell but not sure it either one is contradicting each other or not.

I have a PRO subscription, and I can adjust the fps to 120fps and can tell a difference but not sure if my tv can actually handle it natively.

Also, I have the masking settings on high and the slider on higher quality is that the best settings for SVP??


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@ MAG79, I have 1 source and 1 tv, and my Samsung LEDtv has CMR and my pc is connected to it as I use it as a HTPC.

Will CMR and SVP interfere with each other? How can I enable SVP on Youtube, I used to use the add-on for Youtube vids it was great but it was cumbersome. I use my Tv CMR to do it and it looks good.

I'm using Auto values (1) how can I set it to zero??

Right know as I write this ONLY SVP is on and my CMR off, I can't tell the difference like its just watching reg tv, should I increase my fps to 120fps since my tv can handle 120hz???


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Also, I want to add since my LED tv can do a 120hz via CMR should I adjust my adjust my SVP settings to do 120fps instead of default 60fps? CMR is off and just SVP running, I can see a difference, but not entirely sure if the settings are right.
Reclock is still set @ 30fps


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UPDATE: I noticed that the CMR works on internet vids e.g. Youtube, etc. and SVP does not. (I don't know is that's true for everybody, its just on my case.)

@ VB SVP: Do you have comparison shots/vids for me to look @?? I want to see what yours look like, if its similar to mine.
Our Samsung says the CMR is 120hz but when used as a PC monitor its only 60hz. It that true for yours as well?

My SVP settings are set on the slider having it all the way to the right on "higher quality" and high on Masking.
Also, I can see the CMR FI effect on vids more then I can see it on SVP, I'm not sure if I set SVP right/wrong, etc. OR I'm just used to it now that I can't recognize it. I can see it barely on some vids/anime.

Also, the CMR FI works as well on gaming, I'm playing this Tales of Zestiria on pc via Steam and it has crappy locked 27-30fps limiter on it (via devs decision) and my CMR makes it looks smoother so I'm happy about that.

I'm still not sure if I should disable 1 or the other FI or I should just leave them both alone and let them do their things respectively.

Also, is 60hz translates to 60fps?? I'm still learning so yea....lol!
Should I set Reclock to 60fps rather than 30fps? W/ my old set up @ 30fps on both Video Stream and Media Adaption settings I get a green clock on system tray, which is good settings I heard/read.

Thank for the input guys!!!


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Hey guys,

                    I'm new here so I don't know if these questions have been already answered.
I bought a Samsung UN60J6200 1080 Smart LEDtv for my HTPC monitor (CMR 120hz). It says is displaying @ 1920x1080/60p

I have set the "Clear Motion Rate" to FULL and it affects both Internet videos and my MPC-HC vid player running of KCP codec w/ Reclock.

I want to ask if running both SVP and my Tv' CMR will be counter productive to one another or not.
Also, which of the two should I disable/enable.

I see both clear difference when playing the same media source but SVP have these "blocks" I assume from interpolation.

Also, on a sidenote on Reclock settings I have it set 30fps on my "Video Stream" and on Media Adaptation" my speed is on Auto, it says NTSC adaptation: media speed changed to 30.000 fps. Audio resampled at 48000 Hz and the "Clock" is Green.

Pls advise.