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blabb wrote:

Since you have that problem with Nvidia as well and I also found that MPC-HC ticket (https://trac.mpc-hc.org/ticket/5787) I'm now more and more thinking that MPC-HC could be the problem. It sucks because MPC-HC is just the best player I know. I can't stand MPV. I'm testing the MPC-HC Nightly now and maybe I should test MPC-BE.

Try MPC-BE, I've been running it for a while and haven't had any significant issues. I'm also on the latest nvidia drivers.
Edit: Just noticed you're running an AMD card. I recommend you update your driver manually on the AMD site, if you haven't already. This is because Windows auto-installs an outdated version usually.


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Nintendo Maniac 64 wrote:

Forgive my off topic-ness, but what Windows theme is that?

It's called "Black10 V2 for Windows 10 TH2 by gsw953" I'm using the red version.

Just search the above quotation in Google, and you will find it along with instructions. If not, then let me know.


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TayyabKhalid wrote:
MAG79 wrote:

For your Intel Core i5 6600 (4 logical cores) you should start from 9 threads in SVP. And increase that number in case with lack of performance.

Thanks it definitely a lot smoother now, but I noticed something my frame rates keep rising over 72 fps, so my gpu and cpu gets used to much, and then it lags slightly every so often. Any solution to this too?
Would appreciate it, thanks! big_smile

I  am using Potplayer, LAV, Reclock and MadVr if you are wondering.

You can set a fixed frame rate like so:


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Been using SVP for over a year now. I still find myself wondering about the settings all the time.
These are the settings I've found that worked pretty well for me (at least for anime):

Uniform/Adaptive (Pretty much the same from my experience, as long as you don't mind some artifacts)
Sharp/Standard/Complicated (Sharp will give you less artifacts but standard and complicated are much smoother. I personally prefer complicated.)
Artifacts Masking disabled (Using weakest/weak/... reduce smoothness. Even the slightest artifact masking reduces smoothness quite a bit for me).
Half Pixel (for increased precision, always been better for me, as long as you can spare the cpu).
12 px. Average 2 for Motion Vector grid (I've found this setting to actually work wonders for smoothness. Any lower and you get noticeable artifacts).
Decrease grid step by 2 with global refinement (ABSOLUTELY must use this setting with anime if you can spare the cpu. Without this hardsubs are unbearable).
Search radius: small and fast (This one I have not tested too extensively I was wondering if anyone could explain this thoroughly. What to use with anime, and not with).
Wide Search: strongest (Not too sure about this one either. If you can spare the CPU use strongest)
Large Width Coarse (Irrelevant setting applies to 4k and 2k video which I never have).
Repeat frame/Blend adjacent (I have yet to notice a difference here but I have not tested enough. I stick with repeat).

Like Nintendo Maniac mentioned, I also found a 72Hz overclocked monitor to be quite smoother than 60Hz standard.

I'm wondering how many threads I should use with my CPU.

System Specs:
AMD FX-8350 Vishera 8-Core OC'd to 4.6 GHz
GeForce GTX 760
Monitor: ASUS VS247H-P OC'd from 60Hz to 72Hz.
Windows 10