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Chainik wrote:

may be it's an interlaced video?

progressive 25 fps * 2.5 gives me 62.5 just like it should

IF it's interlaced AND the de-interlacer produces 25p then uncheck "App. settings -> Additional options -> Assume double frame rate for interlaced videos"

That was it, should have thought of that...



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.m4jX wrote:

in SVP4 Pro the tray icon says it converts to 50fps even when I have Movie x 2 1/2 selected.

I did, like I said, it still says 50fps even though I have Movie x 2 1/2 selected

What do I have to set to get SVP to convert 25fps to 62,5
I want it to convert to 62,5 because I will slow down with reclock to 60fps afterwards.

in SVP3 it automatically did 62.5, in SVP4 Pro the tray icon says it converts to 50fps even when I have Movie x 2 1/2 selected.

I do have SVP Pro...

This is the MPC-HC stack from the crash dump


memory usage is always about 2gb, a bit less than 2gb until it crashes...

I tried setting Motion vectors precision to Two pixel, but it didn't help

//btw MPC-BE and MPDN also crashes when using SVP with 2160p content..

Access violation at address $7715f5aa in module 'ntdll.dll'.

address changes every crash...

Oh, forgot to say, Win7 pro 64bit

just uninstalled everything and installed all the 64bit stuff through the svp4 isntaller... (MPC-HC x64 is apparently not inscluded in the installer so installed that seperately)
but now ether MPC-HC or madVR crashes right after starting the video when I use SVP, memory is only at 500MB..

EVR does take less RAM, but I want to use madVR (I want to use SIMM downscaling, error diffusion and debanding)

what I ultimately need to work is madVR + SVP4 at 2160p + reclock

I have previously used SVP 4 for testing purposes only, now I want to switch over completely. Now I'm testing various video files and I'm having issues with 2160p, though that didn't work on SVP3 either in my setup, but I want it to work on SVP4

I'm using:
Gefore GTX 780 Ti
intel 4770k OCed to 4.3GHz
1080p TV

MPC-HC 32bit v1.7.10 with internal LAV Filters v0.66.0
madVR v0.90.17
SVP 4 Pro v4.0.0.73
Reclock v1.8.8.5

I tried applying the 4GB memory patch, but when I play a 2160p file, as soon as MPC-HC hits 2GB, it crashes...
I tried various things
software decoding and copy-back in LAV
disabling and enabling GPU acceleration, decrease to screen size and keep normal size on SVP
sometimes it stays under 2GB, but usually it hits 2GB and crashes...


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madshi wrote:

Are you talking about telecined movies (IVTC / forced film mode) or about native interlaced content (sports, DXVA deinterlacing)?

I am mostly talking about telecined content, I very very rarely encounter other interlaced content (except PsF which doesn't need detinterlacing). When I do I'm actually fine with ffdshows deinterlacing which can always be used with SVP anyways. but something like QTGMC would probably better in those cases.

madshi wrote:

That would involve copyback. Not impossible, but I'm not sure how good that would perform.

it would surely need less GPU power than having to NNEDI3 upscale additional 36 frames per second, or not?
currently I can only use 16 neurons to stay under 16.6ms rendering time, but my GPU is more powerful than the average user has. Lots of people can't use NNEDI3 with SVP at all.
not everyone uses NNEDI3 of course maybe performance would be worse with Super-xbr, jinc or lanczos, because you don't save as much power as NEEDI3 when you have less frames to upscale.


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does this even matter if madshi includes avisynth/vapoursynth in madVR? If we can use SVP inside of madVR, we can just let madVR deinterlace, which in my opinion has better deinterlacing than any single avisynth script out there.

would look something like this:
LAV decodes -> madVR deinterlaces -> madVR upscales -> SVP interpolates -> madVR does the last steps of rendering.
The current problem with using madVR and SVP is not only that you can't use madVRs deinterlacing (which really sucks if you need to IVTC US TV), but also if you use NNEDI3 (or any other alogrithm, but it's more noticeable with NNEDI3 since it needs a lot more power than everything else) you need a lot more GPU power since you need to upscale 60 frames instead of 24, integration of SVP in madVR would fix that.
Would also make it possible to sharpen or deband with madVR before interpolating.