This works perfectly. Mission accomplished.

I'm not so sure. Note that any such passing requires two arguments if I'm correct.
The problem will manifest itself nevertheless. I'm using wscript and vbs script and:
   wscript "C:\StartMPCBE.vbs" "%1"
not working.
I'm not having access to audio stream coz you split audio and video and not put audio in %1 variable.
How to pass audio url to script then?

   wscript "C:\StartMPCBE.vbs"
doesn't work either. Video with no audio.

I'm supposing: &WScript.Arguments.Item(0) i'm using for accepting the arguments whithin the script does not like white characters. This is probably the cause of my problem (no audio).

No, it seems you can have access only to video url, audio url is getting lost and not passed "outside" right now.
Just like I said I have to use 2 arguments and exe and that's the place something is wrong with code (more then one argument) and audio url is going with the wind smile

"/add" adding new entry in player's playlist and play it or not depending on other settings.

mpc-hc.exe" <video-url> /add /dub <audio-url>
but not:
mpc-hc.exe" <video-url> /dub <audio-url> /add

%1 should be equal to:
<video-url> /dub <audio-url>
depending on the non-DASH / DASH isn't it?

EDIT. I checked this scheme in command line:
   mpc-hc.exe" <video-url> /add /dub <audio-url>
and it works too. So now I don't understand. If I manually issue the command SVPTube2 is supposing to generate I'm getting all OK but if I let the SVPTube2 to do this (generate and execute) for me I'm getting no sound for DASH and invalid stream for non-DASH content.

The thing I'm trying to explain here is that both players executes /add correctly also in DASH when issued within command line.
Try this with mpc-hc.
Standard setting in SVP:
  mpc-hc.exe" "%1"
Open any DASH video, it plays ok. Look at playlist and copy the playlist entry to the clipboard. This entry consists of 2 url's with CR character between them. So you can extract <video-url> and <audio-url> from this. Having that, issue from command line:
  mpc-hc.exe <video-url> /dub <audio-url> /add
and you will see the video is being added to playlist and play with sound. This works ok.

The thing is I can't make SVPTube2 to behave like this. As seen above SVPTube2 is able to get both utl-s correctly and send it to mpc-hc.
But for some reason I'm not able to set SVPTube2 to add "/add" swith at the and of command it generates.
Don't know why. After setting:
  "C:\Program Files (x86)\MPC-HC\mpc-hc.exe" "%1" /add
I'm getting what you said: only Video for DASH and invalid stream for non-DASH.
This is not the mpc-hc or -be fault.

Yes, it does. (at least in MPC-BE)
I checked this a few seconds ago.
Extracted <video-url> and <audio-url>
Formed the command:
mpc-be.exe <video-url> /dub <audio-url> /add and that worked.

But for some reason changing this in svpTube2 All settings:
tube->player->user path:  C:\AudioVideo\Media Player Classic - BE\mpc-be.exe "%1" "/add"
not working
Maybe it should looks like this:
tube->player->user path:  C:\AudioVideo\Media Player Classic - BE\mpc-be.exe "%1" "/dub" "%2" "/add"
or some other way?

I'm struggling a lot with trying to accomplish the very thing explained in the subject topic.
To make long story short I want to force SVPTube2 to add stream to player's playlist instead of playing it immediately.
Can't do this for DASH streams for some reason.
I'm doing the most obvious thing:
- Going to SVP All Settings
- changing tube->player->user path to for instance:
    C:\AudioVideo\Media Player Classic - BE\mpc-be.exe "/add"
    "C:\AudioVideo\Media Player Classic - BE\mpc-be.exe" "/add" "%1"
But this is simply not working with DASH videos (all youtube >= 1080p stuff).

I think there is some specific way SVPTube2 sending these kind of streams to the destination player (especially MPC-HC or MPC-BE) because if I get the video address and manually issue it in MPC-HC I'm not getting audio only video.
I would appreciate any help or explanation how all this work.

For SVPTube1 and nonDASH streams I wrote some vbs script to intelligently add or play immediately the target player depending on the player state.
I want to do the same for SVPTube2 but to do so I have to know the exact command SVPTube2 executes sending DASH stream to DASH-supporting player (MPC-HC or MPC-BE).

kibumm wrote:
piquadrat wrote:

Can't get it to work with Win7 (R9-290). MPC seems to ignore the filter even if "Prefered"

I test this program with daum potplayer(64bit). This program is working fine with podplayer smile

On windows 7 (64-bit) ?

Can't get it to work with Win7 (R9-290). MPC seems to ignore the filter even if "Prefered"


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Try mpc-be.


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Works ok. Thanks.


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Same here.
Consistently stuck at "Getting info for video"
Ver 1.2.3


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Today SVPTube finally give-up on me. No more video.


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I've experienced the same self-healing phenomenon in the past. And that makes me think the problem could be on the server not client side.

EDIT: Unfortunately configuring ESET didn't help. This is something else.
Right now I have to restart SVPTube 3-4 times after each reboot (each time it hangs on "Getting info..."). After that it works ok.


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I've done two things:
- Added* to "list of excluded from filtering" and "List of allowed addresses" in "Web Access protection">"URL Address Management"
-  In "Protocol filtering">"Excluded Application" added svptube.exe to the list.
Lets see what will happen.


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Interesting. I'm using ESET Smart Security. Will test this for sure.


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iG0R wrote:

I observe this issue just after booting PC, but after playing at least one Youtube video in a browser and subsequent forced shutdown SVPtube by Task Manager (not through the menu of SVPtube) followed by its restart, the problem disappears.

I observe very similar behavior. The first video usually causing trouble. Sometimes I have to restart SVPTube more than once. After that usually no problem until system shutdown. I'm glad you make log working. This functionality of the test version does not working for me, maybe because I'm logged as a user with admin privileges. Don't know.
Hope Chainik will figure what it is all about.


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Don't know what I'm doing wrong but logs are not generated. I have edited registry, ran SVPTube as the same user who's logged in and been opening only https videos to no avail. No YT* files in %temp%.


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I hanged on  "Getting info for video ..." today (it is quite often the first video played after the system startup which hangs) but could not find YT-xxxxxx.log either. Non present in my system for some reason.


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I'm using your test version since you published it but as strange (or not?) as it sounds it's working ok (more then 50 videos opened). And simply cant provide any error log. I wonder how about others with "Getting  info for video" problem.


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Fanty1972 wrote:

Seen that minutes ago.
Restart of SVP Tube fixed it for me.

But I still have a "bug" that the video stops after a few minutes while the sound plays on.
Nobody else having that issue with SVP Tube?

I have that same issue with my Note 3 Smartphone since the last update of the Android Youtube app. (technically at the same moment when I recognised the SVP tube problem)
I do know that other users complained about the problem at the playstore. So its not me alone that has it.

Playing a youtube video in firefox browser works fine with PC and Smarthone.

I can't say I have your issue with video stopping after a while but i can say I have the same symptoms of SVPTube hanging on "Getting  info for video" as you and the author of this thread.
Even on the latest version this problem is still present but rare comparing to the older revisions.
It is nearly impossible to replicate because after SVP restart the same video plays fine. When SVPTube hangs on "Getting  info for video" restart is necessary, without that no further videos are recognized and processed.
I'm on 40/4 Mbps DSL BTW and getting full 5MB/s continuous transfer from youtube.


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Use latest version of SVPTube.
That fixed it for me.

I've been experiencing major SVP Tube problem for about a week.

Every third - forth link to the youtube video I copy to the clipboard causing my video application (all of them to be more exact: mpc-hc, mpc-be, vlc ) to not render the stream at all.  It stops with status "Invalid" or "Cannot render stream".

I started to search for the cause of the problem.
First of all the videos giving me trouble always played ok in the browser player in both html5 and flash mode.
Secondly they sometimes streams ok with SVP Tube but sometimes do not. It is purely random.
After a few minutes of wait they are playing ok and then stops for a random period of time and so on.
I want to remind that through the browser all seems to be working continuously.

So I started to look at direct links generated by SVP Tube and realized that in not working cases these links direct me to the dead youtube servers. Sometimes they do not even respond to ping. After a few minutes the address returned by SVP Tube changes server domain name and some signatures and video streams ok. Then after a few minutes it skips to the problematic ip again and problem reappears.

I don't know if it is a local (geographical) problem. Browsers however seems to be working without any trouble.
Do you experience similar phenomena lately?
Maybe google changed something recently and SVP Tube should be updated?

I'm getting the following error while starting to play a video with SVP active:

and svp log is then updated with the following entry:

22:36:23.289; ===== Detected playback with ffdShow. AppName: mpc-be.exe PID: 8024
22:36:23.290; GetDimensionAndFPS_fromOSD start. Duration: 101 ms
22:36:23.391; GetDimensionAndFPS_fromOSD result: 480x360 29.97 1/1
22:36:23.393; T1T: begin
22:36:23.394; T1T: GetAllMediaParams
22:36:23.394; ### CorrectStereoModeByAppAndFilename: //
22:36:23.395; T1T: SettingsPrepare
22:36:23.398; T1T: Preparing smooth playback...
22:36:23.399; T1T: WriteAllMediaParamsToIni
22:36:23.399; SVPMgr: main "C:\ProgramData\SVP 3.1\" 480 360 29.97 480 360 2 1. Duration: 139 ms
22:36:23.538; ===== Playback
29.97 * (2 : 1) = 59.94 fps
22:36:23.539; SetPriorityPlayer: 0. Duration: 590 ms
22:36:24.129; Error: Error preparing smooth playback! Script error:
Write: File 'C:\ProgramData\SVP 3.1\Logs\avsFPS.txt' cannot be opened.
(ffdshow_filter_avisynth_script, line 7)

This error shows sometimes, every maybe 15-20 file opening actions.
It is source independent, the same file opened next time will not produce this error.
Error causing svp to not trigger itself but video plays ok (in its native fps)
All of this on ver 3.1.6.
I have never experienced this error on any earlier ver of SVP.


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That's what I wanted. Especially like "/add" "/fixedsize w,h" "/monitor N" and "/close" switches. And I can use all the combinations.
Thanks for help.


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Yes, I've found /ADD switch which work as expected.
But how can I use this with SVP Tube? I need possibility to insert this switch to the command executed by SVP Tube. Or is it another way?