yeah looks like which video doesn't matter,
another thing, it happens if using Potplayer+Madvr 0.92.14+SVP
but with EVR Custom presenter renderer+SVP it plays fine
Madvr+ SVP disabled

i've had the fade effect problem happen a few times as well, i'm 3.16 tough, but this is what i noticed if it helps:

see the problem on the sub first disabled, then svp enabled 
video (starts moving at 8s, sub at about 12s)

another example, see the white rectange on top right, first is with SVP disabled

what i've also noticed is that it only happens if using "Display on Overlay/.." on in subtitle settings
but it works fine on "Display on video (tv-out)"

anyone that has gone to 1440p can share your experience?

currently i get about 60-70% on both cpu and gpu usage (madvr) at 1080p, i'm thinking about going for a 1440p monitor, but not sure if it will increase my requirements too much and end up shooting my feet

if anyone wonders, i'm on a 2500k@4.5 gtx 720 with custom svp profile  3:1 72hz, and madvr using kcp on high preset

edit: tried running the monitor at 720p  with a a 1080p video, seems like the scaling needs extra gpu, so i had to reduce madvr to medium preset, cpu/gpu usage where about the same then.

you are right, will do!

Hi! i i wanted to ask for help to locate what could be the issue that is causing constant frame drops while on madvr full screen exclusive mode on my windows

On windows 8.1 , it works perfect no frame drops, can even set SVP to maximum smoothness, and madvr to highest and it has been working perfect for a long time.

On my dualboot windows 10 and windows 7 tough, there is constant frame drops (each second) while using madvr exclusive mode. It is fine if i don't use exclusive mode.
i tried with different madvr versions , also tried various catalyst versions, so i wanted help as to to where should i put my focus to try to find what is causing it.

windows 7, 8.1 and 10 all x64
amd hd4850(not using opencl, not supported)
SVP 3.16 madvr 0.5.x.x, .06.0.4

on another note, i tried to pledge on indiegogo, but it said paypal recipient has some problems and can't accept payment, is there any ETA on when i could possibly work? don't wanna miss the preorder offer