> But why does selecting "no acceleration for gpu" not reduce gpu usage?

SVP works just fine on Intel IGP so when it comes to 2080 we're talking about 1% usage

> Looks like svp uses 26% gpu

more like madVR

> И странно что этот рендер давно не обновлялся уже...

там вроде автор в бизнес подался, какую-то вундервафлю аппаратную для видеообработки пилит


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you don't need any account, you will receive the license key after the payment

https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/FAQ#I.27v … fps_videos

try this one (replace .dll in SVP 4/extensions)

if you want to build vapoursynth it will throw an error if you don't have cython3 >= 0.28

yeah, I can confirm this. will be fixed in the next update...

> i have seen that newer svp4linux relies on

wrong. vapoursynth relies on cython3 >= 0.28


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stream from a computer via SVPcast


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Gray = HDR

> the program always crashes

SVP Manager crashes? or gives a transcoding error? any log?


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There's no need to "implement ffdshow", they (Renderheads) could just give more control over the DirectShow fiilter chain to the developers

I believe Whirligig author will be glad to help us but he is just unable to do it.

> the new whirligig 4.821 beta

Where? The last one on Steam is 4.78 from 7 Nov 2019


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> the new whirligig 4.821 beta can identify the installation of vlc on the computer and use it as video path(player)

I'll check this...


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> Is there a solution to it?

Unfortunately no.
They all share the same video engine - Renderheads AVPro Video, which doesn't allow the DirectShow filter chain configuration except the video decoder selection.
https://github.com/RenderHeads/UnityPlu … issues/230

I don't know methods other than install and set it up according to the instructions.

this is why SVP doesn't see Kodi

> Nothing comes up in the SVP log, it seems to just literally not be seeing Kodi.

do you see ffdshow icon in the tray?


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4K/10 bit at very high frame rate is not a CPU perf problem but more like mpv's internal issue with rather slow copying of huge amount of data
60 fps should work. Ryzen 3xxx may also work at higher rates due to higher IPC and memory copying speed

because it isn't HDR?

you must have SVP Manager running (it can be completely disabled) to use the latest svpflow libs

Avisynth tab -> buffers (back/ahead) -> set to 0/20 ("back" can be zero but "ahead" must be at least the SVP's threads count size)

please update SVP now

the video was encoded with a strange timecodes at frames ~90-95 and svpflow plugin didn't handle those negative and zero values correctly


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No idea why you're running SVP as root... You probably should stick with Windows instead wink

Avisynth should work fine, Vapoursynth interface has performance issues.