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The movie file is recorded in 30 fpses but the actual movie gets serious fps hit whenever:
but there is a scene in the movie that was shot in 5fps (huge action scenes)

you really need to provide some sample video here
we can watch it together, frame by frame  big_smile

In this tutorial I`ve found there is an example of movie being encoded in 60fpses (like decoded to raw and then encoded again and saved as new file with 60fps all the time).
Other than that - I don`t have the device in my home to record in 60fpses smile so can`t give you example made by me.
another example of stable 60fps (a classic) - to see this you need to click the link below the youtube and download the 23mb .avi.

It all comes to one basic question - have you ever seen constant 60fps content?
I`m accustomed to watching stable 60 fps at video games.
The movie played by media player in 60fps that has real 60fps only in couple scenes is no good for me.

The 30fps movie bumped 2x by svp to 60fps IS NOT 60 FPS MOVIE.
The movie file is recorded in 30 fpses but the actual movie gets serious fps hit whenever:
a) the camera moves,
b) many objects move in front of the camera,
c) there is some quick change, like an explosion or building crumble to milions pieces in moment.
d) the camera is turning while filming (like turn vertically, horizontally).
e) (my favorite) all those things together.

example 1 - you get 60fps movie,
but if there is a scene in the movie that was shot in 5fps, you`ll get 2 x 5 = 10 fps.
10fps is not a movie - 10fps is total recall balcony scene. I watched it in imax and was shocked how bad it looked.
The image gets choppy or blurred, not silky smooth as we deserve.

edit: example 2 - what happens with 100fps movie with my settings on 60Hz monitor?
(I`m no expert - that`s the best explanation I`ve came to)
1. Media player wants to display 30 fps movie.
2. svp captures the movie and adds the frames.
3. the movie is set to display in 120 fps.
4. The scenes that are 60fps fluent will get cut to 60 fps (30fps => 120fps => 60fps) - no gain here - all perfect already.
5. The scenes that have been bad to begin with will be bumped and then cut with no loss ex. (5fps=>20fps=>20fps) - huge gain where it matters.

I want to say, that svp 4x works better with this two set to 100 (provided, the cpu is fast enough).
Don`t believe me, try it for yourself.

My post could imply I`m trying to do 100Hz on 60Hz screen.
Agree - not possible.
It`s just that the 4x fpses doesn`t work well on default settings.
By '4x' i mean "Target framerate: multiply source by 4x" under video profiles.

Just found 2 numbers "60" in this hidden settings and changed it to "100".
Noticed it works waay better.
(right click on the program icon, select information, then hidden settings and the text document should open).

No idea what that options are or what they do - didn`t care.
Try for yourslef - i guarantee you`ll never change it back.

To be exact - my goal wasn`t to go over 60 Hz - imossible for me anyway.
My goal was to achieve max possible framerate.
"up to 60 fps" is not good anymore - svp can do even better  smile.

i`ll look at this thread from time to time to help resolve some questions

If you ever set the fps count to 4x and didn`t notice the difference,
it`s becouse there`s 60fps cap in hidden settings limiting you to 60 fpses
( example: the movie recorded in 30 fpses being actually 2 fpses will have 4fpses after smoothing - full success wink ).

Want to fix it?

1. go to information=>hidden settings,
2. set ExFixMonFPS and FPSD3DCycleCount to 100
3. watch how the impact of all the settings changes
4. celebrate by donating to svp smile.

In case it`s common knowledge - don`t be harsh smile.


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