dawkinscm wrote:

The occasional micro-stutter isn't a major issue of course, but it's surprising that your GPU is hitting 67% with downscaling. For me it's around 30% with the same GPU. I use mpv player.

Haven't actually checked the 4K downscale performance since I don't have a 4K HDR TV and I only get a 4K movie when I can't find the 1080p version. 67% is for native 1080p. I don't have HAGS enabled btw.

Drakko01 wrote:

Maybe it's a stupid question, but in the nvidia control panel you have the vertical sync option enabled, if not, do it.

I will try 4.17, thanks for the suggestion. Yes, vsync is always on.

L.E.: Tried 4.17, I can still see microstuttering. Will try V2 as well.

flowreen91 wrote:

Did u try to enable Statistics in Nvidia App and check if you are giving extra breathing room for your GPU?

I have an RTX 4080 and I only play 1080p TV series or 4K downscaled to 1080p @2.5X fps with RIFE 4.15. Maximum GPU utilization I see is around 67%. Microstutters are not too often, maybe once every 15 minutes at most.

flowreen91 wrote:

Ooh by the way if u accidentally use the vsmlrt.py from 9.2 archive it will fail to find the rife_v2 folder models.Attaching below the out of the box SVP vsmlrt.py file cause it still works with 9.2 and can also find the rife_v2 folder models.

I only copied the dll and the CUDA folder.

There was a time when microstutters did not occur at all, but who even knows what version of RIFE or what drivers I was using back then.

I had TRT 9.1.2 and decided to give 9.2 a try because I was noticing some microstuttering at times. From what I can see, fast movement might be somewhat improved with 9.2, but microstuttering gets worse. Should I update to latest TRT version or is there really nothing I can do to get rid of microstuttering?

oriento wrote:
Xenocyde wrote:

RIFE 4.17 is out with no lite version. Testing now.

L.E.: Not sure what this new version is supposed to improve... I'm getting quite a bit more more fast movement artifacts compared to 4.15 and 4.16.

4.17 - 2024.05.24 | Google Drive | 百度网盘 : Add gram loss from FILM, need to fully assess the impact.

No idea what this means hmm

RIFE 4.17 is out with no lite version. Testing now.

L.E.: Not sure what this new version is supposed to improve... I'm getting quite a bit more fast movement artifacts compared to 4.15 and 4.16.

Magly wrote:

I downscale everything to 1080p so performance shouldn't be an issue, just this clip and the other movies I mentioned doesn't look like they get any interpolation visually, while everything else in 4k hdr works just fine

Maybe it's a source encoder problem. Have you tried those movies from different sources?

Magly wrote:

It only happens with the TensorRT engine of Rife, the ncnn/Vulcan version works fine but my gpu can't handle it (RTX 3080)

It happens with full movie UHD Bluray mkv rips of several of the Fast & Furious and Transformers movies and some others.

I have an RTX 4080 and full 4K movies cannot run at 48fps+ smoothly, not even on RTX 4090 afaik. If they have HDR data, even worse. I only have a 1080p screen, but I've seen people here recommending to downscale the resolution to 1440p or something similar. Tried your clip and it seems to be running at less than 24 fps (maybe 12 fps) on my RTX 4080 when enabling RIFE (TRT or Vulkan, doesn't matetr). The video gets stretched to twice the normal duration for some reason, and the sound stops in the middle of the video. Not sure what's going on with your optimization window though. Mine ran fine, saved the profile in ~40 seconds.

aloola wrote:

yes, it's the only reason we use v2
from my benchmark, v2 gives a huge fps boost

Why HAGS ON? Shouldn't turning it off provide an even bigger fps boost?

dawkinscm wrote:

Exactly smile Especially since I can see minor but perceptible differences between v4.15 and v4.15v2 that I don't remember seeing in other models.

So V4.15 is better than V4.15V2 now? Didn't you say that V2 is better? I tried both and couldn't see any visual difference.

I've been using V2 or V2 lite models for some time now (maybe 6+ months) and never noticed any shakiness. My vslmrt version is 3.18.16, says it was last modified in December 2023. Does that mean it includes the shake fix?

SHTH34D wrote:

Would it be possible to get an option in SVP to turn HAGS off? It's needed for certain functions (DLSS 3 Frame Generation) and I really don't want to have to turn it off and restart my pc every time I watch a movie.

Don't think you can deactivate it for specific programs in real-time. It's either off or on when the OS boots up.

dawkinscm wrote:

OK found it. In the settings it's under setup and it's called min_duration.

Nice, thank you! Do you guys test with pre-rendered RIFE or real-time RIFE rendering. I know pre-rendered can yield better results, but I only tested this with a 40-minute video in early 2023, can't remember what RIFE version we had back then. Stopped testing stuff like that because pre-rendering took a few hours.

I only test with real-time now and I can see more interference artifacts with 4.15 V2 on the bottom left side of the net. Interestingly enough, the short clip is yielding different results on 4.16 V2 Lite. The long clip shows faint artifacts on the bottom left side of the net, but the short clip shows no artifacts in that area, although I can see faint artifacts on the right side of the net now.

dawkinscm wrote:
Xenocyde wrote:

How do you guys activate Rife in a short clip like that one I linked above? I play the clip but Rife does not activate. I have the long clip of 47 minutes, and I can see more interference artifacts in the goal net on 4.15 V2 towards the left bottom side. Those artifacts are barely visible on 4.16 V2 Lite.

As you have found, only clips above a certain duration will cause SVP to trigger. When I had this issue some time back, I found the setting for the video duration threshold and I think I set it to zero which means SVP will run on any length of video clip. I can't remember if it's code or an actual SVP setting because it's not in the SVP manual.

Welp, if anyone knows how to reduce that threshold to 0, please let me know.

How do you guys activate Rife in a short clip like that one I linked above? I play the clip but Rife does not activate. I have the long clip of 47 minutes, and I can see more interference artifacts in the goal net on 4.15 V2 towards the left bottom side. Those artifacts are barely visible on 4.16 V2 Lite.

dawkinscm wrote:

Thanks but it says I need to request access.

Try this.

dawkinscm wrote:

Fair enough. All the fast motion artefacts I see are improved with v4.15 but left untouched by v4.16. Can you could post a clip? It might be useful to  add it to my test collection.

Here it is.

dawkinscm wrote:

I don't know about Anime but for live action both versions of 4.15 are much better for fast movement artefacts. Also mpv has nothing to do with Rife AI generated artefacts because they are "AI generated" artefacts.

I'm testing with live action, never tested anime. I have a specific scene from a BBC documentary abut the 1990 football cup in Italy where the camera pans from right to left and the football net usually shows interference artifacts. This scene looks a bit better on 4.16 V2 Lite compared to 4.15 V2.

Tried 4.16 V2 Lite with the new MPV update a few days ago and it looks like the fast movement interference artifacts are almost gone now.

Mardon85 wrote:

I can also confrim rife v9.15 v2 is awesome. Testing on Avatar (1) flight scenes and its much improved.

Checked 4.15 V2 for contour and interference pattern artifacts and I can confirm it improves things over 4.14.

Alrighty, guess I'll stick to MPV, but I'll need to figure out downscaling cuz no current GPU can manage 4K@120 from what I read.

Is MPC-HC better for GPUs like RTX 4080? I'm on MPV but screen is 1080p so don't think it really matters right now. I'm thinking of getting a 4K screen soon, though, so maybe MPC-HC is better for 4K?

I'm not seeing any stutters on 4.14. V2 with the latest driver so I'm not downgrading.

cemaydnlar wrote:

I meant v1.14 lite v2 sorry big_smile i am using 3070. That might be the case i appreciate your answer bud thx.

You mean 4.14 V2 lite.

RickyAstle98 wrote:


What happened with this post? Was it inaccurate?

RickyAstle98 wrote:

Wait me here, I will edit my message in next 5 minutes! Check plz!!!
So you need  to put 4.13.onnx into v2 folder where SVP located
If your 1st timing cache build failed, you need enable TRT boost option, 4.7-4.9v2 cant stable buld timing cache for general optimization... Maybe 4.13v2 too? Me too cant build timing cache without TRT enabled!
Yes I tested 60Hz and only CPU usage change a little, anyway I have modern 165Hz GSync monitor, any FPS factor, smooth always!

Ya so, for me, 4.13 V2 only works when I activate performance boost. Seems to be a bit more resource-intensive compared to non-V2, 50-60% 3D utilization. Need to specify that I capped GPU performance to 60 fps so it's using only 150 W instead of 300+ W, that's why it looks like my performance is not scaling well compared to your 144 Hz performance. I've been trying to get a new OLED screen for some time now, but every damned TV model up until now came with some annoying issue... maybe 2024 is the year I get a 55-inch OLED so I can use the GPU at its fullest.