Frame interpolation
To ensure crystal clear, smooth viewing of movies
and sports on the big screen, without motion blur,
Epson uses frame interpolation. This ensures
sharper and clearer images even when watching
fast moving scenes. … ures-2.pdf

Page 5

so no, it's motioninterpolation.

The only thing I can say: the Epson-highclass projectors can do it on the highest effect-setting smile

I done already, but it's still not the same, I think most users go for smoothness, but I think I want sharpness...
At the moment the effect is centered on people, not on the whole picture, atleast it looks like that...

Hi there, I (luckily) again read the Wiki-article about motion-interpolation and was happy to find
finally a working solution to watch Blurays with frame-interpolation in 60Hz.

So far it works, though I'm sure there are some settings wich will make the experience more like
I want it:

I once watched Iron-Man at a friends place and he got a Epson TW-3000 projector and he activated
the frameinterpolation-feature. The movie looked like a cheap TV-show recorded with crappy videocams.
But even more interesting: you could also read the computerdisplays and stuff that normally would
move blurry past the camera. Oh and ofcourse I want get rid of the whole cinemalook smile

So, what are the settings to get the same videoexperience with SVP? smile

my PC-config: Intel I5 2600K @ 3,4GHz, 8GB RAM, Nvidia GTX560 Ti OC, Windows7 Ultimate x64

Thanks for now smile