I have fixed the problem, everything works great now smile
It was a known (by python devs) issue with my windows (windows 7 service pack 1) and python 3.8
I was missing update KB2533623 in my system.

Sorry for the trouble and thanks for trying to help.


I downloaded and unpacked python in the mpv32 folder.
But there is no change.
Same error in the SVP log and same error in the python import ctypes error message.

There is no reason to think my system has broken files because as i said it worked perfectly with svptube before the update.
If anything broke, it happened with the new version of svptube otherwise i would not be here asking for help.

I don't think it worked.

Here is what python said when i tried

">>> import ctypes
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
  File "<frozen zipimport>", line 259, in load_module
  File "ctypes\__init__.py", line 7, in <module>
ImportError: DLL load failed while importing _ctypes: Felaktig parameter

But maybe i did something wrong, here is the full cmd window text when I tried.


C:\>cd C:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4 Pro\mpv32

C:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4 Pro\mpv32>python.exe
Python 3.8.2 (tags/v3.8.2:7b3ab59, Feb 25 2020, 22:45:29) [MSC v.1916 32 bit (In
tel)] on win32
>>> 'import ctypes'
'import ctypes'
>>> import ctypes
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
  File "<frozen zipimport>", line 259, in load_module
  File "ctypes\__init__.py", line 7, in <module>
ImportError: DLL load failed while importing _ctypes: Felaktig parameter.

I replaced "svptube.dll in SVP 4\extensions\ and main.dll in SVP 4\extensions\tube" with your updated versions
And then i restarted SVP
But that did not fix it.

And the only python38.dll i have on my system is
in SVP 4 Pro\mpv32 &
in SVP 4 Pro\mpv64

Errors from the log
13:26:44.293 [W]: ImportError('DLL load failed while importing _ctypes: Felaktig parameter.')
13:26:44.293 [E]: Tube: youtube_dl module import failed

I also tried after today's SVPmanager update but no change.

Yes there are error i noticed now when i checked.

"10:22:50.690 [W]: ImportError('DLL load failed while importing _ctypes: Felaktig parameter.')
10:22:50.691 [E]: Tube: youtube_dl module import failed"

Is there anything i can do to fix it?

No video link work anymore for me it just says "Waiting for URL...."
It worked perfectly for me before today's update.

And i have really noticed how much i use it everyday now smile I really miss it.

I have tried to restarting SVP but that does not help.
I have tried from chrome and vivaldi browser but it does not work anymore.

I am sorry but i am not sure what you mean?

In the adress bar i have the pages link i am on when browsing, like just now this page is "https://www.svp-team.com/forum/viewtopi … mp;login=1"
And on youtube it is the same, the link/web page i am on.

But i guess you mean something else because what i just said is self evident and something anyone using a browser would know.
So i am assuming i am misunderstanding you somehow.

Hmm! you know what, i just went to youtube and and was going to copy an example of what is in my adress bar.
And now it works again smile
All i did was just installing the new update you just released for SVP/SVPtube 2.
Ii didn't even restart my browser or my PC since i started this topic.

The update fixed it somehow smile

Nice thanks

Thanks James D,

Copy the link from the Share button works great when copy from the adress bar dosen't work smile


I fixed the problem, sort of anyway.
It seems that if i copy the link from the address bar in youtube it dosen't pick it up, but if i copy it by copy the link from the page i saw the link at instead by right clicking the picture and choosing copy link adress there instead it works. Strange.

Anyway it is probably my system that is the problem i guess.

You can delete this topic if you want, i tried but could not find how.


Today i tried ripping some videos from youtube but i can't get SVPtube to catch the links anymore.
I have tried Chrome and Vivaldi browsers but nothing is working here.
The strange thing is it works on other streaming sits perfectly so i don't know what is up.

So i wonder if it is just my system or is everybody affected and we need a new update and fix to sort it out?

I have tried restarted SVP because before when it bugged like this that would always sort it out but not this time unfortunately.

Ok, that explains why it dosen't work.
Thanks for the answer.

I hope then mpv someday will start to support MVC.

I really hoped something would come out of this sad
But so far almost 3 years later madshi haven't implemented anything like a vaporsynth interface into madVR.

And as far as i understand it we really need this because otherwise we can't get proper 2160p 10-bit HDR BluRay/Remuxes working in MadVR/mpc-be/hc with SVP.
Now that madVR has really good HDR to SDR tonemapping/conversion + NGU on the chroma that really makes the UHD sharpness pop, i can't imagine not using madVR for UHD.
But i am really missing SVP in all of this.

Can i ask if anything came out of the supposed discussions madshi suggested you had in private to solve this?
Is there any sort of plan on how this will be solved?

Maybe a separate directdraw vaporsynth filter with 10-bit and HDR metadata handling could be developed or maybe vaporsynth integration in mpc-be/hc like you did with mpv.
Because this seems to me anyway as the last puzzle piece we need for the next level of SVP.

First i must say, i really like running my 3D BluRay's through SVP smile
If anyone reading this hasen't tried it, do it wink you are missing out on something great.

But it is much more demanding that just a normal 1080p remux.
And unfortunately my system can't manage the setting i would really like to use.
I have to drop down more than i like to get it working.
And i know it would look even better if i could run with higher settings.

So, i wonder if this new transcode function SVP has can transcode a 3D BluRay to a full SBS file somehow.
Because when i try it seems to only do the main view (left i think).

Is it possible, if so how?

Ok, the only reason i thought svp used and installed vc++ 2013 32-bit was because the updater/installer have it as an mandatory option.
So that is why i thought that as an mandatory part it would get installed if necessary (if the system did not already have it) by svp.

Ok i removed as much of any old phyton i could from my system.
The only things left besides svp's phyton, is discalGUI's phyton and an old PowerdDVD11 installation. I kind of need those so i hope i can keep them, at least dispcalGUI. I assume those are portable pythons, i hope so anyway.
And not any of those or the several old programs i removed like XBMC and some old coinminer did show up in my path's so i don't understand why they would cause trouble.

I tested mpv and mpc-qt again. But no change.

Anyway. i am ready to test most anything but an full reinstallation of my OS, so if you want me to do anything that may fix this or get information so you can find the clue needed to get this working i am up for it.

YES! i got my svptube working again smile i would have been really sad if i lost it smile

Ok, i will try again maybe i was just stupid for installing the 2017 64 bit VC......
Maybe i will need to restart when i am fucking around with VC ++ setups.


Ok if i use VC 2015 64 bit, svptube refuses to load.
If i use the 2015 x86 version it runs normally.

Maybe that is why some svp users can't get svptube to work.

Anyway for now i have to go back to the x86 version because i really like smile and need svptube, maybe you know how to go from here.


Ok, now it seems i can install the x86 version and the x64 version together and svptube works again smile with the x64 2015 installed together with the x86 version .
I don't know what was fucking with my installation before i suspect my old 2015 x86 version was of another revision. And when i used the same revision of x64 and x86 it worked fine smile

Ok back to checking if that fixed my vapoursynth problems.......

Sorry, no such luck.
But at least i have a working svptube and a working VC++ 2015 x86 and x64 installation now, it sounded like i should need that.

Ok, installed VC++ 2015 64-bit runtime. EDIT Just to be clear, i did not have the x64 version installed at all before you asked me to install it. And i noticed that the svp installer don't install the 2015 versions and only the 2013 x86 version.

I had to uninstall the 2015 32-bit one (that was the 2015 one i had installed, no 64 bit) and the 2017 64-bit before it would let me.....but sorry no change in mpc-qt or svp's mpv vapoursynth functionality.
It is still the same. I tested with only the 2015 64 bit first then i reinstalled the 2017 64 bit also, but no change.

Here is a mpv error log

sad you know what since i made those changes.
The svptube 2 tube loader stopped loading sad

I use that many times a day. I hope i can get it working again.
I will try to uninstall the 2015 64bit runtime and set it back as it was before........

And i still can't get the inbuilt mpv working with vapoursynth scripts from svp. And that is really strange since mpc-gt can find it inside mpv64 but mpv itself can't find vaporsynth's script that is inside its own directory.....weird.
Or maybe it can find them but not start them for some reason.

I am guessing that "VS - Could not initialize VapourSynth scripting." error is happening in the mpc-gt case also but the log isen't printing it out or picking up that it is happening.

Here is the log from the svp mpv

I tried dependency walker and it actually did find the mpv-1.dll from the C:\program files (x86)\svp 4 pro\mpv64 directory smile
I must have did something when i screwed around with the python and vapoursynth installation that fixed something.

So i checked mpc-qt again and i got it to start without the mpv-1.dll file now.

But.....svp dosen't kick in when i start a movie sad
And I don't see any errors in the log

here is the mpc-qt svp log

Hehe, smart of you to switch the log start to end when we copy it automatically smile

and here is the dependency walker log for mpc-qt with its own mpv-1.dll removed
EDIT removed for privacy. If you needed it still just let me know and i fix the link........

Some more testing trying to figure this out.......

When i run echo %PATH% & echo %PYTHONPATH% in cmd the path show up like they should.

If install python 3.6 installer and vapoursynth i can run vapoursynth from the python client app.
And if i install phyton embedded plus vapoursynth portable in a directory together that works as it should.

But why don't SVP's mpv vapoursynth work.....i don't get it.
Python works on my system with vapoursynth alone, but not through svp and mpv i mean they are right there in the same directory together why can't it start properly hmm sad

Chainik wrote:
SamE wrote:

If i remove mpv-1.dll it dosen't start at all for me, it just gives an error message asking for that file.
I am guessing that indicate that my path/phytonpath environment variables didn't work, right?


But when i check with echo %PATH% it shows up like it should and i can for example start mpv.com from the mpv64 directory from any directory i want in cmd.
So that mean i should have the right and working path and phytonpath in environment variables i think and it is some other reason it dosen't work.....

Any ideas to test?

If i remove mpv-1.dll it dosen't start at all for me, it just gives an error message asking for that file.

I am guessing that indicate that my path/phytonpath environment variables didn't work, right?
Because otherwise mpc-qt without the mpc-1.dll should read that from the mpv64 directories i think.

But something is wrong.......


I can't get the inbuilt mpv working with vaporsynth.

I get the error message

"09:15:00.957 [E]: Playback [e82cdc7c]: VS - Could not initialize VapourSynth scripting."

I have added the mpv64 path to PATH and PYTHONPATH.

Is there anything else i need to do to get this working?

I tested MPC-QT and added the mpvpipe,cmdrkotori.mpc-qt.mpv in setup.

If i remove mpv-1.dll mpc-qt dosen't start and just gives an error asking for that file.

If i don't remove that file i get an error message in the log

"12:54:40.906 [W]: Playback [e82cdc7c]: Frame server (64-bit) NOT FOUND"

Blackfyre wrote:

However, I thought MPC + Madvr already supports HDR? Madvr certainly has the settings for it under the display settings.

No Madvr dosen't yet support HDR output.
What it does support is a very high quality HDR to SDR conversion, so you can watch HDR clips on a non HDR connection with some retained quality enhancement to the SDR version of the clip. If you crank up your backlight(for LCD screens)/OLED light setting and tune madvr's HDR conversion setting for it.

But for some reason madvr and LAV filter dosen't pick up the HDLeaders releases as being HDR BT.2020 files, as it does work with the various demo-uhd3d.com files correctly. I don't know why.
The right media info metadata seems to be included in the mkv.
The HDLeader releases is reported to work on LG HDR 4k and Samsung HDR 4k screens inbuilt players.
One tricky thing is that some releases have ATMOS audio, and at least the LG's can't play that so you will have to remux in som lesser & supported audio track from another release.

As far as i think it works is, HDLeader uses Zeus BT.709 WCG 4k releases and then reinserts the HDR curve with the SMPTE ST2086 static metadata in the mkv somehow.
But i really don't know how he does it, he reveal some info if you read the comments in the 1337x site, but it is really not much to go on.

I don't have access to a real UHD-BR discs or a player, but i have tested a HDR BT.2020 HDLeader release and a "normal" 4k BT.709 Zeus release of the same movie (Mad Max).
And.......it looks AMAZING big_smile

The HDR mkv does activate the HDR function on a compatible LG TV and it does look better (much more intense from the HDR on anything bright and much wider colour palette from the WCG features) than the straight 4k 10 bit 4:2:0 BT.709 Zeus rip. And just the straight Zeus rip looks already more than great. But HDR + WCG on top of that is an whole other level.

I have checked out several of the releases and i think it is legit as far as 4k HDR UHD Rip. Of course i can't compare with the real disc.

The day madvr or another renderer/player with high grade chroma upsampling & 3D lut support + SVP supports HDR output through the new HDR windows 10 interface/API, it will look better than any UHD-BR standalone player can offer smile
And I still hold a hope that madshi will add vaporsynth interface one day to madvr.

So bottom line, if you have a HDR screen and no UHD-BR disc or player.
YOU have to try it out it will blow you away wink Of course depending on how good the screen is though.

The general consensus seems to be, anything LG 4K OLED panel based (LG/Loewe/Panasonic) is the best, then the various high end Samsung and Sony FALD LCD screens and then everything less begins to be less impressive for maximum HDR dynamic range impact.
In terms of maximum contrast and highest light output that the screens can support.

EDIT update

I checked these HDLeder 4K BT.2020 with HDR releases some more.

And unfortunately there is some problems with them.
He has used Zeus normal BT.709 4k UHD release and reinserts the HDR curve with the SMPTE ST2086 static metadata in the mkv.

But he also expands the normal compressed BT.709 gamut to WCG DCI BT.2020.
And the result is over saturated colors sad

On an LG TV you can switch the Color gamut to standard from wide and it will look right again but still with glorious HDR.
This should be possible in madvr if madvr support HDR output in the future also.

Hi guys i am not sure what the policy is in this forum for this stuff.

But 10 bit HDR UHD-BR movies has been ripped for a while now.
That dosen't mean they have cracked UHD-BR, just that it is possible to downgrade and eliminate HDCP 2.2 to a lower version and (eliminate HDCP?) so they are compatible with HDMI 4K capture cards.

Check out releases from "HDLeader"

on your nearest torrent site for example

The problem is we don't have any movie player or renderers that support HDMI 2.0 output with HDR 10 bit support and of course SVP dosen't support 10 bit yet either.
But it should run 8 bit 4:2:0, if it works with HDR when players starts to support HDR output i don't know.
So i think the only way to play them now is through a TV's inbuilt player.

As far as i know they are based on "Zeus" ULTRA-Br rips he does that are available
here https://www.katzeus.com/movies.html

SVP works descent for me at least in actual videos if i pick a low thread in the "Processing threads" in the GUI.
Just remember to set it back to auto when watching hi res video wink

I say decent because the interlacing and telecining issue we have with most DVD's not being 23fps or 24fps, and we are probably going to have to wait until the fabled vaporsynth integration in madvr before we have a good solution for that, so we can pre deinterlace and run madvr's film mode before SVP to get rid of the extra frames and get a good solid smooth 24fps for SVP to work with and interpolate.

I guess SVP could do this on its own also like do DXVA hardware deinterlace, but i know the developers doesn't care for interlaced content and most movies are available on BluRay nowadays anyway so i understand their position on this.