Hey Maken1, and SVP gods, long time no see. Well, I have to say, I was skeptical about not using LAV any more, because I've been using it for so long and thought it was "The Best", but since upgrading to the latest PotPlayer I was having massive instability, crashing on seeks, crashing on fullscreen, you name it, it crashed it. So, I switched to internal codecs, (removed LAV filters from inside potplayer), install Halli, switched to EVR:CP instead of MadVR and... one word. WOW. Not only does it look fantastic and seem to be much more stable, (have not done long term testing yet, but at least it lets me seek forward and backward without crashing, as well as switching back and forth to full screen...) but I was also able to kick up SVP's settings a notch. Switching from Min Artifacts to Uniform gave me a fast, momentary spike of 75-80% cpu usage, but then it quickly went back down to 50% and video playback stayed smooth as silk. My GPU usage went from around 35-40% (When using LAV and MadVR) to about 60-80%. (When using Halli, Potplayer Internal Codecs, and EVR:CP) Also, I am using Nvidia's 306.23 WHQL drivers... While I understand some drivers might be better for SVP, I prefer to stay up to date on my video card drivers for the vast amount of games I play.

Sorry I haven't been around much, I appreciate what you guys are doing, and you are better men than I, BUT at some point, I HAD to STOP trying to tweak stuff and just enjoy it, something I've learned from 25 years of being a computer tech. Thanks a bunch for all the work you, and your new friend Rimsky have done keeping this tutorial up to date. I was starting to pull my hair out trying to stop my crashing, and am glad I checked back here before going bald. Also, as always, thanks again to the amazingly awesome SVP crew for such a wonderful product that I can not recommend enough. I've tried spreading the word everywhere I go, and I really hope people are donating money to the cause.


In case my frustration doesn't translate well, I am not angry with you, but I'm upset by my own stupidity. I guess I shouldn't have even updated the product when I was happy with how it was working in the 1st place. I think I understand now, after doing a reinstall, how to get it working the way I want it to. Sorry for bothering you, I just wish the translations and explanations for each function and setting were better documented, as I spent so much time learning exactly how each setting worked for me and now all those settings are either gone or named something completely different. You can understand how that would be frustrating right? It's your program and I can't thank you enough for it, but it's like running windows 3.1 and installing windows 3.2 and all the suddon it looks like windows 8. It's all completely different it really made me very sad. I'm still not sure if I will keep this update installed or go back to the previous version I spent so much time tweaking and understanding how it worked, or repeating the process and worrying that the next time you update it you'll just completely change everything again. I hope this doesn't sound rude or make anyone upset I just feel like a stupid fool who wasted his time trying to learn how to use this program and get it to work perfectly for me. Thank you so much for all the hard work you all put into this, I DO APPRECIATE IT, even though it may not sound like it because I feel frustrated and clueless.

Well, I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment, I've been loving and using SVP for a month or 2 now I think, and I just decided to update everything and... while I love the idea of you guys putting so much work into this program, I have to say I am TOTALLY confused now, it seems my favorite setting I used to use is now completely missing, and everything seems WAY too fast for me... I'm fully admitting I have no idea what frame interpolating actually is, I've tried to understand it, but it makes my brain hurt. The old version I used I think was 1m 1.4x 24>60, now all I see is 2.4x 24>60 and all the settings I had played with and tweaked are all completely different... I am so sad right now and I usually love updates! Why did you change EVERYTHING? It's almost like you removed the features I loved! I really don't want to make anyone angry or sound unappreciative, but it looks like a completely different program! And I don't think there is english instructions that explain what every setting is so now I have to spend 2 or 3 days changing every little setting myself. I want to cry. I am so sad. I might uninstall and go back to the old version cuz this 2.4x crap is WAY to fast and makes it look like I have it on fast forward! I'm sure some people like that setting but I don't understand why you removed the 1.4x setting! I've never regretted an update more than this! Thanks for all the hard work you put into this, and I'm still glad I donated what little money I could, but I've never been more confused by an update before, it looks completely different, not a single setting is in the same place! HELP! Please tell me there is a way to configure this the way I had it before, this 2.4x setting looks waaaay to fast, I want my 1.4x setting back! It's like the pulldown list for target framerate is missing 3 of the options I used EXCLUSIVELY! I am literally going to cry now. I just don't understand why you changed SO MUCH! bye.

I am also unable to change the interface type from the tray icon back from expert mode without doing a complete reinstall of the program... Dang it I guess I'm just going to have to go back to the old version I was using, I don't recognize a single setting in this program any more... I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest I just don't understand why everything is completely different now!

Hello all, thanks so much for your combined answers, I just donated $15 to this wonderful project, I wish I had more to give!

I hope I can get 295.73 working on my laptop, I've been using 295.51 this whole time thinking I was up to date... You know what's funny? I thought Open-CL was CUDA Language(C-L... get it?). I know it's wrong now, thanks to you guys, I thought you'd all get a good laugh out of that!  lol Thanks for clearing that up for me MAG79!

I just got done watching 15 minute test run of Transformers 3 in 1080p using EVR CP... I swear it looked smoother than when I used madVR! Maybe it's because I've been paying more attention lately, getting more familiar with how the SVP effect "Looks". So I have been noticing flickering and randomly dropped frames, no matter what SVP or madVR settings I try... EVR CP also gave me RGB32 output instead of YUV2 or whatever, and isn't RGB32 "the best" colorspace? I am confused because when I tried EVR CP with a 720p video I got very bad audio delay, so I immediately went back to madVR instead of trying to troubleshoot the problem. I will let you know if I have any luck, perhaps it will help people with slower computers? Thanks again for your time. I will try to post my benchmark results soon.

I got my player working perfectly again, it does tend to crash if I have SVPs settings too high, especially if I switch to full screen while SVP is still saying "Smoothing Video"... if I wait for the OSD text to go away b4 switching to fullscreen it never crashes. Again, I think this is simply a side effect of me pushing my CPU and GPU to the limit.

Krneki said he is not using LAV filters? Are they not required? LAV seems to have better CUDA support than PotPlayer, but I guess I can't prove or confirm that, it just FEELS faster. I've also been using LAV 0.48, and I  have not seen any problems when using it.

I'm slightly confused about the Framerate Change, I've been sticking with 24->60 2m (1.5x) or 25->60 2m (1.4x) I think someone here already answered this, so I apologize for asking again but I didn't fully understand the answer... Did someone say that "Double the frame rate (2x)" was the only setting that truly uses DXVA/CUDA acceleration? I swear I had read that somewhere in this forum but I can't seem to find it again. I think the way it was written, I had trouble understanding, it may have been lost in translation? I know it's frustrating to answer our unending questions, especially when you've already answered them! big_smile It's very much appreciated though, thank you very much!

krneki: Is ffdshow using AVISYNTH when you play a video? If you right click on the red ffdshow icon while a video is playing, AVISYNTH should be checked in the list. Are you in fact using Potplayer? according to the Doom9 forums, that link should always send you to the latest x86 english beta build. You're not seeing any green text over your video output saying "Smooth video playback" ? You do have a SVP yellow icon running down by the clock, in your notification icon area right? That yellow icon should have a green play icon in the center when everything is working correctly. All together, if everything is setup and working correctly, you should have a red ffdshow icon, a MAD icon, and a Yellow/Green SVP icon, and a Blue/white PotPayer icon. You might have to go into the quality setup part of makens guide to just make sure you have everything setup correctly. Maybe use some common sense and lower your quality settings when you have the opportunity, like the SVP Profile settings Maken posted for you. Good luck.

Good to know about the new version of LAV, I'm going to install that right now. I'm also glad to hear the 295.73 drivers are good because that's what I've been using and I was about to try the 27x.xx drivers everyone said was WAY BETTER so knowing 295 is good saved me a driver reinstall.  big_smile

Yes I have seen low performance with some settings in SVP, I basically went and changed all my profile settings so the "profile bars"(Below the description of each setting) were maxed, and of course my performance went down to 0.3  lol so I just changed each setting one at a time until it smoothed out for me, that's good to know about the "4 pixel" thing, I did notice some odd jaggy lines or artifacts so maybe that was my problem. One video had a mans head move quickly across a highly detailed, fast moving background (trees) and his head was surrounded by big blocky artifacts, I wonder if that was the pixel search setting... It was a poorly encoded video too, but I think that was the one setting I did not change when trying to fix it... Oops!

Thank you all for answering my questions I appreciate it. I think someone was asking if you could watch Blurays with Potplayer and SVP, you CAN do it with Slysoft ANYDVD HD, they give you a free 21 day trial period, and it runs in the background and removes the copyright encryption found on blurays and allows any AVC/H264 player to play a protected Bluray. I tried to get SVP to work but I don't really know what I am doing, and by the time I figured out how to get LAV to decode the Bluray instead of WMDecoder DO or whatever it was, I was seeing a big drop in performance when playing Blurays, even before I tried to use SVP. Once I got SVP to work I had to set everything in the profile to lowest possible settings and it still went slow for me, like 45 FPS instead of 60... I must have something setup incorrectly or too slow of a CPU/GPU to use Potplayer+Blurays+SVP.

I also installed the latest English Build of Potplayer, and after changing all my filters and preferences, I had some trouble getting ANYDVD HD to work, well, it was very very late and I'm ashamed to say... I forgot what I changed and when I went back to use SVP on a 720p MKV, I got all kinds of errors... Sigh, it's my own damn fault for being half asleep while trying to tweak and play with settings! Hahah, I am used to it, it's half the fun of using a computer! I got it back working pretty good, however, sometimes instead of "Low SVP index" when I use too high settings in a SVP profile it tends to give me a potplayer.dll exception error... so I'm going to go through the guide and install this new version of LAV and maybe that will clear up my problems, I must have set a wrong setting somewhere... Oh, hey, Maken, have you tried Exclusive mode in fullscreen with MadVR? I might be crazy, or it might have just been the one video I watched with it, but I swear I had much lower CPU usage/Better performance with that exclusive mode in fullscreen box checked in madVR settings.

Thanks again guys, this is the best new program I've seen in a while, I'm having a blast with it and I hope more people will contribute to your project! You guys are GENIUSES! I wish I had more money to give, I can only afford $15 but I feel like it's worth at least $50-100! Don't worry I will donate more when I can, and I will try to send more generous/rich people your way!

Thanks Maken for the great guide! Worked perfect for me. I have a 2 year old Toshiba Laptop with a 1.6ghz i7-720QM but it usually boosts itself up to 1.8 to 2.1ghz depending on what settings I use in madVR and SVP. Video card is a GeForce 360M. It's Low/Mid-range, for a laptop. I have it plugged into a 42" Philips LCD thru the HDMI. For sound I'm using my onboard realtek using the optical SPDIF to my 7.1 receiver.

I found Makens guide, and SVP, when I was googling how to use MadVR with PotPlayer. I had never even heard of SVP before. When I used your MadVR settings, with SVP turned off, I really didn't see much difference in my GPU/CPU usage compared to EVR CP (With bicubic PS2=1x) but I liked the quality I saw with madVR, it's funny because I can't stop "screwing around" with madVR and SVP to see what kind of quality/performance ratio I can get away with without frying my laptop.

Personally, I don't care for the 24 to 60 1m 2.5x framerate setting, it looks too much like it's being fast forwarded (It sure looks cool though, I just can't get used to it) so I stick with 1.5x usually... My SVP-index tends to fluctuate between .99 and 1.04... Is that normal? I can't really tell it's doing it, I just noticed it in the graphs... I've also been changing my madVR settings from Bilinear to Bicubic, sometimes I even like the Mitchell-Netravali custom Pixel Shader personally, and the SoftCubic one seems to do wonders with lower rez SD videos... I did try to use EVR CP a few hours ago, and it seemed to work great... until I noticed my Audio/Video was WAY out of sync... So I went back to madVR... I think I like madVR better than EVR CP, personally, but yeah it's a bummer the pixel shaders don't work in potplayer, I don't seem to need them though as the quality seems perfect.

Thanks again for putting so much time and effort into your guide Maken! Thanks to the SVP Team for their hard work as well! The images you attached were perfect and a big help Maken. Like I said, I was surprised to learn english was not your primary language, I just assumed you were in a hurry or using l33t h4x0r speak LOL! I'm talking too much and rambling now, sorry, I'm just so happy with how my movies look now I'm like a kid in a candy store!


I'm including a screenshot to show this guide worked great for me, even though like I said, I've been playing with the settings a little bit. Transformers 3 @ 1080p. I turned the quality of the jpg down a little to save on bandwidth. I have a slow internet connection. Thank you Maken and thank you very much SVP-Team! Awesome Guide for an Awesome program!


Ignore the gap in the CPU Graph, I screwed up my 1st screen cap, stopped and started the movie again. My CPU Temp(Celsius) and GHZ are shown in the lower right corner in green by my clock. Yes, I know, she runs hot. roll