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Thank you. Menus still look kinda broken, but that's much better. (I found the file under '/opt/svp').

Also, please don't tell your users to set 777 permissions. This is very dangerous.
https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/SVP:Linux … figuration

Do SVP use some user group I can give permissions instead?


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Would it be possible to upgrade the project to QT6 or upper? Currently the program shows extremely broken on modern wayland desktops, and lacks any kind of HiDPI rescaling capabilities. (In other words, it displays tiny and broken).

The features are great but the GUI is so broken it's very hard to use.

The GUI looks so tiny on 4k resolution that is hard to use. It seems to ignore the env variables you would normally use to enforce GUI size.


Would be really nice so check it. We will need it sooner or later.
I use arch sway.