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Thank you for taking your time to explain it to me,
and sorry if it might sound like I'm criticizing
just to clarify I'M NOT saying how you should do your job, I'm a developer but I work in other area(mobile) and I have no idea how to work with python right now.

But I'd love to hear from more people if anyone has more ideas how to make the installation process less troublesome.(brainstorm)

I mainly use plex although I would love to have SVP running by default everywhere


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Not that anyone asked for it...
I Love SVP but i'm considering in researching for an alternative.

I think the biggest issue in SVP is the installation/integration and persistence of the SVP files.

Each time theres an update on the selected player we need to reinstall the SVP (at least seems that way to me)

And SVP interface doesnt seem to provide an "easy to set" instalation either.

For instance,
I just open a file with VLC to find out SVP was not running... so I had to go to wiki and figure out that i need to set some system variables? or is that user variables? (either way didnt work)
and I've found out that SVP interface has a button to run VLC with SVP, but I don't quite understand why...

Why not  have a button to do all those instalation (set system variables) steps that are in the Wiki automatically instead opening VLC with SVP instead
surely i imagina its as hard to set those variables as it is to open VLC with SVP (simple enough?)

Also not sure about limitations or restrictions, or how things are mounted in the Apps, but why to manually add system variables if there are VLC plugins ?
I know many of these apps what to use their own libraries... but then why not have a scan that search for these dlls in their default folders and replace them automatically with SVP (or just add a check box so the user can choose)

well i just want to give me opinion, and maybe some dev want to share some details on their approach, if its not TOP Secret big_smile

P.S. I had to do my own batch files and shortcuts to make it a little bit easier to use... I dont want to get home after a work day and reinstall stuff all the time... so I end up making my own scripts.


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just sharing
so anyway just to share that...
since i have to keep replacing the mpv-1.dll all the time (each time plex client updates)

I've decided to make a batch svpToPlex.bat

COPY "C:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\mpv64\mpv-1.dll" "C:\Program Files\Plex\Plex"

this will copy automatically the mpv file to my plex client, although you need to execute it with admin priveleges
I'm still thinking if theres a way to run this easily each time i turn plex on, like a pseudo-shortcut with plex icon maybe

I could add it to windows startup but this wont work for me since i most of times use Hibernate pc


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The issue of joaoserraseal is solved!

Thanks you MAG79

all I had to do to fix it was uninstall the vapoursynth and reinstall the svp


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I'm using plex for windows not plex media player, and I've follow the instructions more times than i can remember, so this is something new.
I will check the logs when i have the time (currently i've been really busy, so it may take a while) and see if i can find something else


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+1 here
I've been using SVP for over a year now... and i had to replace the plex mvp-1.dll each time the client updates (i think)
but now this seems to have change probably on plex side. so my guess is the instalation instructions need to be updated?
maybe plex is using the dll from some other folder?

i tried to contact the svp team by bug reporting via app requesting to contact me on this issue but still no answer.
With this thread i Just found out i am not the only one having this issue

-- update --
so i used process explorer to check what would be using mpv-1.dll and i can confirm plex.exe is still using the mpv-1.dll at
"c:\Program Files\Plex\Plex\mpv-1.dll"
by deleting this file is starts using the mpv-1.dll from SVP 4 folder as stated above.... but still nothing has changed at plex

so something else must be wrong