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Re: Re-visiting MPV with 4K

Chainik wrote:

at least much less than before

I'm still unable to play 10-bit 4K videos without severe stuttering on an i9-9900X @ 4.6 GHz and RTX 2080 Ti with Optical Flow. If I merely disable 10-bit output in SVP, MPV plays smoothly. MPC-BE plays 10-bit smoothly with SVP.

Re: Re-visiting MPV with 4K

kathampy wrote:

MPC-BE plays 10-bit smoothly with SVP.

Are you sure of 10 bit output in MPC-BE? VLC and MPV can do it only...(?)

Re: Re-visiting MPV with 4K

"10-bit output in SVP" is for mpv and VLC, it does nothing for MPC-BE

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Re: Re-visiting MPV with 4K

VLC is also not smooth with 10-bit when SVP is enabled.

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Re: Re-visiting MPV with 4K

I found that memory frequency also very important on 4k 10bit。
with 2133mhz svp index only 0.8 with a lot drop frame, not smooth.
with 2400 mhz smooth on nvdec-copy decoder.
with 3000 mhz smooth on d3d11-copy decoder

mpv player,6950x cpu,1660 ti gpu,16g ram

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Re: Re-visiting MPV with 4K

I'm running quad-channel 4 x 8 GB 4000 MHz C17 so memory bandwidth is not a problem. The CPU usage stays the same as 8-bit at around 14%, but 10-bit stutters severely.

Here is my MPV configuration.

# this is required for SVP to "catch" the mpv

# hardware video decoder


# high quality video output, require rather fast video card

# use ANGLE if you have problems with default d3d11 renderer
# OR the newest VULKAN API

# miscellaneous options

# fixes audio desync

# this can't be used with SVP cause it also saves vf's states

# "ReClock" replacement



Re: Re-visiting MPV with 4K

Is that what your mpv.conf file look like? It's kinda strange compare to Blackfire's settings list...?