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Thank you for your report. Nice to hear positive replies. wink

My SVP-index tends to fluctuate between .99 and 1.04... Is that normal?
Yes. This is normal.

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Thanks man good to know smile.

Ok i was testing MPC HC and it was the same Chainik, thats why i will keep madVR all the time.

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Hey Itchywolf, how are you man? smile no no no Thanks to you too big_smile im really happy man that this worked at least for someone, i was wondering all the time if this only work for me. I remember old times when i saw for first time this kind of smoothing on videos, etc from ppls that was using their fav player + ffdshow + Avisynth + tons of caracters or codecs on their Avisynth scripst just to make smooth one kind of video XD, then do the long process with other kind of video i mean in resolution, frames, etc. I was like omg im F.....! because their cpus was quad cores, etc and my poor system even was overclocked. I found one program call Splash Pro, it was great because it support Cuda and i was able to playback 720p but almost all my movies are in 1080p then i thought i want smooth my 1080p big_smile but my system was so slow to can handle it even with Splash Pro. If i try using Avisynth scripts with XXX player ( the most popular as we all know is MPC ) the result is the same, high cpu usage, framedrops and artifacts.
Once my pc was overclocked well and with it new boost, i deicided to search more about this " Interpolating or framedoubling ", then one day it took me to one forum and there was some ppls talking about SVP, like hey did you tried SVPs man, its more easier, give you better performance, not too much problems doing and messing with tons of Scripst to test and create and bla bla bla, then i said ok lets find more about it big_smile " Google time!!! come on ", open google, write framedoubling or interpolating with SVP or something i dont remember much now, then buuuaallaa, found this and im here, trying to learn more about this to make it all good as i can for my actual system. Im still like the Film effect on movies, for me smooth is good for games but for movies not that much but now i love it XD, ok not so ultra smooth and not soo ultra film, middle smile.

Once Nvidia released the 280 series..baa no more EVR CP for me, then i found madVR that saved my life and till now is my best choise, ok you need powerful GPUS to can use the best there for the best Quality but by default it give you good quality, not much need of use some pixel shaders to make your image much better but with the cost of performance los. Btw i recommend you if you want use 1 or 2 like max pixels in Search Radius, more you use there more CPU usage you get and for me 1 pixel is best, more than that create for me somekind of artifacts on edges or something.

You said " My SVP-index tends to fluctuate between .99 and 1.04... Is that normal? " . Yes its normal i guess, it happen the same for me and i think is better, lower values would be not good XD, when i say lower something like .05 :S then there is SVPs OSD warning you with low performance and thats something that without it, you will notice easy ( audio and vid desync, framedrops and more!! ).

Again Thanks to you and yeah BIG THANKS TO ALL SVP TEAM that saved our time, life and our experiencie at the time of MOVIE TIME!!!!!! big_smile. Im watching old movies, animes, documentals, etc again because my new performance With this big_smile. BTW i will post my SVPs custom profiles, so you can try them later and see if you like, i was doing this before, its just that i deicided to create this guide first, then the profiles later to complete all or to see if the experiencie that i got with this would be the same for others, because some results in my case are like Abnormal or maybe not much posible ? idk.

Greetings from Venezuela.

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Ok gentlemen if you want try the new Lav Filters v0.47, its good,  more performance than 46.
I was trying the new Nvidia drivers 295.73 and it was better than 285.xx serie. Good because it comes with new updates for SLI so better for me. For those ones that are fallowing my guide ( thanks! ), unistall Lav Filters v0.46, download and install v0.47 and if you have Nvidia GeForce video card then install these drivers.
About High Quality, its still W.I.P and im having good results in my case and about the Profiles im working on it, i cant say my new experiencies with SVP ( dont know how to explain ) , im more happy than before, less artifacts and more smoothy!.

Greetings to all.

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Good to know about the new version of LAV, I'm going to install that right now. I'm also glad to hear the 295.73 drivers are good because that's what I've been using and I was about to try the 27x.xx drivers everyone said was WAY BETTER so knowing 295 is good saved me a driver reinstall.  big_smile

Yes I have seen low performance with some settings in SVP, I basically went and changed all my profile settings so the "profile bars"(Below the description of each setting) were maxed, and of course my performance went down to 0.3  lol so I just changed each setting one at a time until it smoothed out for me, that's good to know about the "4 pixel" thing, I did notice some odd jaggy lines or artifacts so maybe that was my problem. One video had a mans head move quickly across a highly detailed, fast moving background (trees) and his head was surrounded by big blocky artifacts, I wonder if that was the pixel search setting... It was a poorly encoded video too, but I think that was the one setting I did not change when trying to fix it... Oops!

Thank you all for answering my questions I appreciate it. I think someone was asking if you could watch Blurays with Potplayer and SVP, you CAN do it with Slysoft ANYDVD HD, they give you a free 21 day trial period, and it runs in the background and removes the copyright encryption found on blurays and allows any AVC/H264 player to play a protected Bluray. I tried to get SVP to work but I don't really know what I am doing, and by the time I figured out how to get LAV to decode the Bluray instead of WMDecoder DO or whatever it was, I was seeing a big drop in performance when playing Blurays, even before I tried to use SVP. Once I got SVP to work I had to set everything in the profile to lowest possible settings and it still went slow for me, like 45 FPS instead of 60... I must have something setup incorrectly or too slow of a CPU/GPU to use Potplayer+Blurays+SVP.

I also installed the latest English Build of Potplayer, and after changing all my filters and preferences, I had some trouble getting ANYDVD HD to work, well, it was very very late and I'm ashamed to say... I forgot what I changed and when I went back to use SVP on a 720p MKV, I got all kinds of errors... Sigh, it's my own damn fault for being half asleep while trying to tweak and play with settings! Hahah, I am used to it, it's half the fun of using a computer! I got it back working pretty good, however, sometimes instead of "Low SVP index" when I use too high settings in a SVP profile it tends to give me a potplayer.dll exception error... so I'm going to go through the guide and install this new version of LAV and maybe that will clear up my problems, I must have set a wrong setting somewhere... Oh, hey, Maken, have you tried Exclusive mode in fullscreen with MadVR? I might be crazy, or it might have just been the one video I watched with it, but I swear I had much lower CPU usage/Better performance with that exclusive mode in fullscreen box checked in madVR settings.

Thanks again guys, this is the best new program I've seen in a while, I'm having a blast with it and I hope more people will contribute to your project! You guys are GENIUSES! I wish I had more money to give, I can only afford $15 but I feel like it's worth at least $50-100! Don't worry I will donate more when I can, and I will try to send more generous/rich people your way!

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I think someone was asking if you could watch Blurays with Potplayer and SVP, you CAN do it with Slysoft ANYDVD HD, they give you a free 21 day trial period, and it runs in the background and removes the copyright encryption found on blurays and allows any AVC/H264 player to play a protected Bluray.

Oh, cool, thanks for info smile

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I found this old HD Demo of Samsung , its extreme, just look it info ( attachment file ), it can make suffer any old pc, now i can play it with svp only if i use To screen refresh rate / 2. My pc cant handle more with this kind of monster video.

About this, i found the way to play fullhd 60 fps video ( without SVP ) from hd cams for examples, something that before was imposible with any popular players, the only one who did it was Windows Media Player, now i just have to change one settings on my guide anytime i want to play this kind of file and thats all, it work very good and no framedrops.

it was not 6 fps as fraps is showing, no no no, it was like 27 fps or something, after one second i got audio and video desyncro and of course not using SVP.

Full smooth, 60 fps all the time, no more freamedrops.

Post's attachments

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Nice and helpfull giude! Thanks!
As for me I enable all video/music players and games in Creative Alchemy for better sound and i use Sharpen Complex 2 for sharpen picture, it become more "crystall"

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i use To screen refresh rate / 2
SVP do nothing smile

29.97 * (2:2) = 29.97

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What version of the KMPlayer do you use?

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Hi Rimsky, how you been? Thanks to you man smile, its no complete yet the guide, working on it...
Ohh i see, well i dont use Creative Alchemy to enhanced audio quality.. its not installed, if i want to enhanced audio quality i use modded drivers with modded Console Launcher that containts tweaks, etc. then i do my part as well with other things.

The PotPlayer that im using right now is v1.5.31934 beta.

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hmm okey okey. Sadly i cant smooth 1080p 29.97 like i want, only 720p  ( some wmv 720p trailers ). This year i hope got my new pc, then lets see smile.

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i cant smooth 1080p 29.97

the fastest option is frame double with 1st SVP shader

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I just followed your tutorial but I think DXVA is not working anymore because my CPU is on 100  % all the time while playing 720p movie. I have c2d P8400 and GeForce 9650m GT. Did I miss something?

"7- Go to Preferences ( F5 ) > Audio and leave everything by Default" - this is final step, right?

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Hi Krneki, how are you?

Ok yeah maybe something is missing there..
Can you provide me more info about:
1- your PC specs ?
2- Are you using SVP ? What settings?
3- Play that video, movie, trailer or etc, pause it, press Crtl + F1 ( so see the movies info ) copy it and paste here.

In my guide there is 2 sections, one call Performance and other call Quality. You have to fallow one of these two depending of your pcs performance. Even if you want the Quality, you have to fallow all steps from Performance, then continue with the rest that are in Quality ( that are just some changes in the most important parts ).

Thanks and i wait for your answer soon smile.

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Hey thanks, i did it and it work and now i found the way in my case of course, how to play 1080p 29.97 using for example SVP-shader: 13. Standard and it cost me 80/90% of my CPU. Later i will show you some pics.


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Hi there, thanks for quick and kind reply. I'm fine smile

I followed your tutorial until I reached Quality section so it's currently configured as normal/performance (without LAV filter etc.)

Notebook specifications:
Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 2.26 GHz
4 GB (2x 2 GB) DDR2, 800 MHz
nVIDIA GeForce 9650M GT, 1 GB VRAM
Realtek soundcard
HDD 320 GB SATA, 5400 rpm/min

SVP is running at default settings:

[Used Filter List]
(1) MKV Source
(2) Video Codec/Transform
(3) ffdshow raw video filter
(4) Madshi Video Renderer
(5) Audio Codec/Transform
(6) DirectSound Audio Renderer

[Video Information]
Video Codec:AVC1 - DXVA Decoder(VLD - Slice Short)
Input type:AVC1(24 bits)
Input size:1280 x 720(1.78:1)
Output type:YUY2(16 bits)
Output Size:1280 x 720(1.78:1)
Frame Rate:23.98
BitRate: Unknown

[Audio Information]
Audio Codec:Dolby AC3(0x2000) - Default Decoder
Sample rate:48000 ->48000 samples / sec
Bit rate:0 ->16 bits / sample
Channels:6 ->2 channels
Bitrate: 0 kbps

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Hi , no problem big_smile

oh i see man, its your laptop man, cpu too slow to use with SVP and... hmm wait try this:

1- Update your graphics drivers.
2- Do FORMANCE / NORMAL QUALITY settings, from step 1 till step 5 and finally 7 ( i mean ignore step 6 dont use madVR for now).
3- Playback any trailer, movie, etc in 720p because your laptop is unable to handle 1080p + SVP and see your cpu usage and try to remember it.
4- Try SVP and do this settings manualy:

In this ORDER:
3- 24 ->60 2m (1.5x)
5- 1 PIXEL
9- 32x32
15- Dont enable it.

5- Now see and compare Results. If you re better you can try to use Lav Filters and enable CUDA, if you do that compare results with previous.

Re: MakeN PotPlayer Guide v20.1.9b1 [Updated]

Hi Maken1. How are you? big_smile
1- Update your graphics drivers.
I can't confirm it. It is not universal advise. We have report that 295 driver still slower than 275 for mobile GeForce 9600M GS. 275 driver has the best speed there.

You have mobile GeForce too (9650M GT). You have to run SVPmark and compare drivers speed 275 vs 295 on your graphic card.

Re: MakeN PotPlayer Guide v20.1.9b1 [Updated]

I got my player working perfectly again, it does tend to crash if I have SVPs settings too high, especially if I switch to full screen while SVP is still saying "Smoothing Video"... if I wait for the OSD text to go away b4 switching to fullscreen it never crashes. Again, I think this is simply a side effect of me pushing my CPU and GPU to the limit.

Krneki said he is not using LAV filters? Are they not required? LAV seems to have better CUDA support than PotPlayer, but I guess I can't prove or confirm that, it just FEELS faster. I've also been using LAV 0.48, and I  have not seen any problems when using it.

I'm slightly confused about the Framerate Change, I've been sticking with 24->60 2m (1.5x) or 25->60 2m (1.4x) I think someone here already answered this, so I apologize for asking again but I didn't fully understand the answer... Did someone say that "Double the frame rate (2x)" was the only setting that truly uses DXVA/CUDA acceleration? I swear I had read that somewhere in this forum but I can't seem to find it again. I think the way it was written, I had trouble understanding, it may have been lost in translation? I know it's frustrating to answer our unending questions, especially when you've already answered them! big_smile It's very much appreciated though, thank you very much!

krneki: Is ffdshow using AVISYNTH when you play a video? If you right click on the red ffdshow icon while a video is playing, AVISYNTH should be checked in the list. Are you in fact using Potplayer? according to the Doom9 forums, that link should always send you to the latest x86 english beta build. You're not seeing any green text over your video output saying "Smooth video playback" ? You do have a SVP yellow icon running down by the clock, in your notification icon area right? That yellow icon should have a green play icon in the center when everything is working correctly. All together, if everything is setup and working correctly, you should have a red ffdshow icon, a MAD icon, and a Yellow/Green SVP icon, and a Blue/white PotPayer icon. You might have to go into the quality setup part of makens guide to just make sure you have everything setup correctly. Maybe use some common sense and lower your quality settings when you have the opportunity, like the SVP Profile settings Maken posted for you. Good luck.

Re: MakeN PotPlayer Guide v20.1.9b1 [Updated]

"Double the frame rate (2x)" was the only setting that truly uses DXVA/CUDA acceleration?
Any framerate change in SVP using OpenCL-acceleration (not CUDA, not DXVA) if GPU-acceleration option is enable.
DXVA and CUDA can be used by the decoder or by the renderer (not SVP).
See to the GPU Compatibility section on wiki.

Re: MakeN PotPlayer Guide v20.1.9b1 [Updated]

Hey MAG79, kak dela ?
Thanks good to know big_smile and for help.

Hey krneki, you heared the boos big_smile, try those drivers, then tell us your results.

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Hey man, how you been? big_smile
Disable FULLSCREEN Exclusive mode on the MADVR, you dont need that, its for XPs user or for performance, i personaly dont use it and no more problems like you when i try to go to fullscreen.
Lav Filter v0.48 ? ohh i need to download, install and test. Thanks.
Its just Lav Filters, PotPlayer that alows you use CUDA and reduce more your CPU usage, if you combine Lav Filters + it CUDA enable and MadVR ( another GPU advantage ) then more CPU performance you will get, this is good for your SVPs profile, i mean more CPUs resouses free so more settings you can try on your SVPs Profile. In my case thanks to Lav Filters with Cuda enable and MadVR, im able to play my content good big_smile and save a lot my CPU Resourses ( CPU resourses that i use later trying more settings on my SVPS Profiles for better smoothing ). IF i dont use them, is hard later to use my SVPs Profiles sad. SVP uses OpenCL so if you have good GPU is necessary use it for better results. SVPs OpenCL enable + MadVR with high settings, can be or is GPU killer, so if you and anyone dont have a powerfull GPUs like Nvidia 500 series, then better use Bicubic or Bilineal on Madvr to free a lot of GPUs usage and give more Prior or Resourses to SVPs at the time of smoothing and use Xs settings on your profile that depends more of GPU.
Naaa you can ask man no problems smile thats why we re here, to ask and learn XD.

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I tested 275 and 290 (some people had problems with 295)

Avisynth is enabled, I'm using latest PotPlayer version, I get smooth playback text on video screen and also HIGH CPU usage (frame drops quite possible), SVP icon is green, ffdshow video red and mad is brown.

So I only change video render back to Auto selection (recommended)? It is a bit more smooth, but still between 80 and 100 %. Now with your optimized SVP settings, it's much better. Here are the results:

Waiting for next instructions and recommendations big_smile
Thanks again!


Re: MakeN PotPlayer Guide v20.1.9b1 [Updated]

some people had problems with 295
What kind of problem? Why 925 not tested?

Thank you for compare. 290 is a little faster than 275 on your GeForce 9650M GT.