Re: Running out of memory, even with "4 GB fix"/large address aware

MistahBonzai wrote:

I could use some help finding where I can set overlap: to 0.

Why would you EVER want to do that? hmm
Even if your pc can't handle 4k without it, downsampleing a 4k video to 1920x1080 with something sharp (i.e. Lanczos4) and letting SVP interpolate that with block overlapping set to 1/4 (or more preferrably to 1/2), then finally upsampleing it back to 4k with the same algorithm will yield a much smoother video (due to better noise rejection and motion vector cohesion). This will also result in much less artifacts, especially on a high-resolution 4k monitor.

The only problem with this method would be the extreme loss of chroma resolution, resulting in a epic case of chroma blocking (and probably a fair amount of chroma bleed aswell), since SVP (or more accurately, MVTools) will not accept anything but the lowest allowed chroma quality (4:2:0 subsampled).

Nintendo Maniac 64 wrote:

If you're downscaling to 1080p, then make absolute sure you're getting 4:4:4 chroma since being able to get a full chroma resolution is one of the benefits of downsizing 4k video to 1080p.

How do you get full 4:4:4 chroma through SVP?
Or did you mean downscaling after SVP has processed the 4:2:0 4k clip?