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This is the only case where "new libs" can be slower than "old libs" - "motion vectors grid" >= 24 px.

"Old libs" doesn't use SATD function for 32-px blocks even if it's turned on (which is on by default), and "new libs"are working as they should.

You'll get old behavior with "search radius" = "small and fast"

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Re: New version of SVP?

Here are screenshots of the video that is taking more CPU with the new version than with the old. I'm using AVS 2.6 in both cases.

Here's the video file!adhnXIDY!-g-FeRb8E … Vsgnswq32I

Edit: File names are reversed. The new SVP has higher CPU usage.

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Re: New version of SVP?

My numbers for your video with your profile settings and AVS 2.6 SVP Edition:
SVP 3.1.6 with official libs (1.0.11): 51% CPU load
SVP 3.1.6 with new libs (1.1.14): 51% CPU load

Used: Core i5-3570K + NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660Ti

Re: New version of SVP?

I seem to be having more issues with videos having complex lighting patterns; not sure if that could be related.

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Re: New version of SVP?

and AVS 2.6 SVP Edition:

Where can we get it? Is there an opened link?  wink roll

Re: New version of SVP?

Here are screenshots of the video that is taking more CPU with the new version than with the old.

"NewSVP" - 37%, "OldSVP" - 85%.
What I'm missing?  big_smile

You can get an old behavior with " = 0;" added to "override.js" file.

My results with "Kow-Leum.mkv" and your SVP settings:

running as a AVS script inside 'avs2avi'

"Old libs" - 64 fps
"New libs" with default "" value -  46 fps
"New libs" with "" = 0 - 72 fps

Re: New version of SVP?

Just so you know, I didn't forget about your question/request ealier, but since I said I was going to do more testing on my side of things anyway, I figured it be more useful for this current discussion to run its course first...


Re: New version of SVP?

James D
AVS 2.6 SVP Edition:Where can we get it? Is there an opened link?
Ooops. It is my mistake to use it here. roll
This modification of Avisynth is for beta-testers only. It will available to all users when new version of SVP will be released. Or if Chainik will decide to share it.

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Re: New version of SVP?

It seems I reversed OldSVP and NewSVP images! NewSVP is the one with higher CPU usage.

And by the way, this file shouldn't have anything abnormal as I encoded it myself. It is an upscaling of a 188p VCD into 720p with AviSynth and x264 encoder. I re-encoded many videos that way and all the others play perfectly fine.

Re: New version of SVP?

Could the developer develop a 64 bit version for SVP?I heard that madVR had a 64 bit version.When user play a video with 64 bit's madVR and LAV,it can play HEVC fluently in an old notepad. smile

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Re: New version of SVP?

Chainik, I'll save you the pain.

That has already been discussed. The new AviSynth+ MT will make it possible to have a x64 version (although there are still a few bugs in it), and the SVP code has been rewritten. However, ffdshop x64 has critical bugs and the project is dead since a long time.

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Re: New version of SVP?

They were working on it but they met severe problems. I couldn't say details about possible x64 release date even if I knew, same about it's current situation. All I can say however, don't expect RC in the closest future.

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Re: New version of SVP?

Does " = 0;" decrease interpolation quality? In my desktop where I can run almost any settings is it worth using the old method?

Re: New version of SVP?

Does " = 0;" decrease interpolation quality?

I don't think so. This's all about difference in parameters default values between "old libraries" and "new libraries".
In any case it concerns videos with width less than 1000 px only.

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Re: New version of SVP?

Here's another video with the same high CPU usage problem with the new libs.

Not sure why these screenshots have high rendering time. I played again, it showed 21ms, I put it in full-screen, rendering time is 10.2ms, back to windows mode, 9.5ms. So I don't know why it was 21ms but it's not actually an issue.

Here's the video file!6EhU2ArI!GyIjNkuFd … Jl_KCkOTTE

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Re: New version of SVP?

Looking at Mystery's screenshots, that seems to be about the same thing I'm experiencing on my HTPC since I get about 2x the amount of CPU utilization with the new DLLs.

Re: New version of SVP?

I'm most likely way off base here but I've noticed when exporting the SVP last run script that some SVP parameters are no longer displayed - in particular the overlap value for blocks. I had an issue with frame drops on a file that had played smoothly. Upon investigation I noticed the missing 'overlap' parameter. After inserting overlap:0 into the script (the value I had been utilizing with the 'old' svpfolw dlls) CPU utilization dropped and performance returned to 'normal'.

I have also discovered (it has been mentioned here in passing) that finding the proper value for 'prefetch' is critical for finding the optimal performance sweet spot - it can very from file to file... If you are dropping frames but cpu seems OK (or even less than expected) then increase the prefetch value.  If CPU utilization seems high and bounces around a bit more than expected try lowering the prefetch value. With the old avisynth.dll (AviSynth 2.6 MT) I would set 'threads' to 15 and forget it. Also as the frame sizes are increased the memory setting will likely need to be increased to accommodate the larger frames.  More than 1024 is occasionally required...


Re: New version of SVP?

I repeated measures with your video at your profile settings.
SVP 3.1.6 official old libs: 33% CPU load, smooth playback
SVP 3.1.6 new libs: 48% CPU load, jerky playback
SVP 3.1.6 new libs with " = 0;" in override.js: 32% CPU load, smooth playback

I have core i5-3570K + GTX 66-Ti. I used avisynth 2.5.8 MT SVP Edition.

And yes. It is strange when I got jerky playback with 48% CPU load with new libs. I will continue to explore this problem. Thanks for your bug report.
P.S. I encreased threads number from 7 to 11 and I got smooth playback at these settings with new libs. CPU load was 51%.

Re: New version of SVP?

For now I'm dumping AVS+ MT because it doesn't sync audio and video.

I'm also dumping the new SVP because it plays jerky on some videos.

I still get to keep the consolation prize: LAV Filter update.

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Re: New version of SVP?

I'm also dumping the new SVP

Let's make it clear. There is no "new SVP" yet. At least for any non-beta tester.
The latest for you is SVP 3.1.6. + official hotfix + additional hotfixes found in some topics. And personal modding which includes avisynth and plugins replaces and whatever other you choose.

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Re: New version of SVP?

So far, SvpFLow 1.1.15 + AviSynth 2.6 MT are playing perfectly well. Will let you know if I encounter any other issue.

Thanks for the great work!

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Re: New version of SVP?

For the record, I still get some hangs of mpc-hc when spv is on after seeking, but they appear less frequent when I turn off completely the "pause at seek" thing, even though it gives a brief artifact for a couple of seconds after seeking (a frame being stuck shown for that brief moment).

It was extremely easy to reproduce those hangs in the past with pause on seek on. I think the newer versions of 2.6 MT and svpflow also helped.