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A few questions about SVp mark.
First of all I get a notification during the test sequences that some program called 'avi2.exe' or something like that (not behind pc now but it was called something like that) has stopped working and I can only click on CLOSE then. (SVP mark is running further in the background). Is this normal?

And then the results, I cannot click the 'share results online' button, how comes that? So I saved the file as .log file, how do I put these results (automatically?) in the online results?

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Is this normal?
No it's not. What if select "SD" video resolution in additional settings?

I cannot click the 'share results online' button, how comes that?
You've to pass ALL the tests without errors.

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Yes, it also happens with the SD setting. The exact error I get is:

avs2avi.exe has stopped working
Please close the program

EDIT: With SD I only get the notification one time and with the Full-HD video setting I get it the notification 6 times with a lot of 'N/A' reported in the results

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Are we talking about that system:

Intel Core2Quad QX9650 with unlocked multiplier
2x2 GB Kingston KVR1333D3N9K2/4G
MSI GTX460 Cyclone 1GB GDDR5
OZC ModXStream Pro 600W
W7 64-bit


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Re: SVPmark 3

avs2avi.exe has stopped working
Please close the program

Please get full description of the error by pressing "View problem details".

Select All text, Copy and Paste to this thread.

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Re: SVPmark 3

jup, that s my config.

Intel Core2Quad QX9650 @3,8Ghz (4.2Ghz comming soon)
2x2 GB Kingston KVR1333D3N9K2/4G @1333Mhz
Asus P5G41T-M LE
MSI GTX460 Cyclone 1GB GDDR5 @725Mhz Core @3600Mhz Memory
OZC ModXStream Pro 600W
Samsung 2x2TB 5400RPM HDD

Windows 7 x64
NVIDIA 275.33 WHQL driver
DirectX 9.29.1974
madVR 0.81
LAV filters 0.44
SVP 3.0.6 Lite
Avisynth 2.5.8
ffdShow rev.4194 x86
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 ATL Security Update

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I cannot select ''View problem details''. I can only click on a 'CLOSE' button.

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I cannot select ''View problem details''
Ok. You can get it from System log:
My computer - Manage - Logs viewer - Windows Logs - Application.
Find and Copy-Paste error details from this log.

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Ok. I ll report back tonight. Will 3.1 be released this week?

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hallo, with my laptop all test from 48fps svp (faster) and followings gives N/A as result.
i've tried updating with windows update and checked everything about avisynth and everything looks ok.
I have svp fully functional and working, any clue ?
i'm on win7 x64 with a core i7 q720 + gefroce gt330m with drivers 275.33
On my tower i have no problems with svpmark.

here's what i get with my laptop

Test summary
  Date: 2012-02-27T15:08:32
  CPU:  Intel Core i7 Q 720 @1596 MHz [8 threads]
  GPU:  NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M
  Mode: FHD + GPU [17 threads]

Overall scores
  Synthetic CPU:                  MC919
  Synthetic GPU:                  MG1624
  Real-life:                      N/A

Details: synthetic
  CPU: compose (single-threaded): 353
  CPU: compose (multi-threaded):  1059
  CPU: search (single-threaded):  281
  CPU: search (multi-threaded):   812
  GPU: system -> GPU transfer:    784
  GPU: GPU -> system transfer:    947
  GPU: calculations:               252
  GPU: total score:               1806

Details: real-life /FHD
  decode video:                   7.49x (179.7 fps)
  48 fps - vectors search:        0.50x (24.1 fps)
  60 fps - frame composition:     1.24x (74.6 fps)
  48 fps - [SVP] fastest:         N/A
  48 fps - [SVP] simple 1:        N/A
  60 fps - [SVP] good:            N/A
  60 fps - [SVP] high:            N/A
  60 fps - [SVP] highest:         N/A
  72 fps - [SVP] simple 2:        N/A

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test from 48fps svp (faster) and followings gives N/A as result
This is a bug. It can appear when test FullHD resolution at slow PC. I don't know why this bug is appear on your i7 processor.
Next version of SVPmark will be free from this bug.

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Will 3.1 be released this week?
I hope so wink
But it will depend on SPV-Team work together smile

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No, I think it's something else, may be overheating?
SVPmark is a kind of stress test, for example my laptop (i5-2430 + AMD video) can't pass FHD tests at all because of GPU overheating.