dejavecue wrote:

I hope this does not count as a necro, reviving this thread after this time.
Here goes:

When I follow the instructions here, I always get the following error message (attachment #1)

The mentioned line in the script is seen in attachment #2, it is the space in front of the "r".
Deleting the space does not solve the error (as the file just gets overwritten again).

Any idea what is the problem here?

I got the same problem and i've solved change ' to ".

but i have got another problem.
everytime when i try to open a new source, i got an error about 'Fail to open source, try another source filter'.
so i try to open with an option of 'vapoursynth, ffms2', then it properly open a source. but every filter setting goes to default.
after that, in state of the source is opened, i reset manually the filter setting to correct svp setting.
then it works normally so i could get a video that has doubled frames.

OK. I found a solution just now in deisama's comment. sorry.

deisama wrote:

I initially had  a problem with the filter giving me a parser error, but clicking on "Filters" -> Filter Setup-> VapourSynth fixed it for me. (You'll have to reenter the svp script though)