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As for now I'm quite satisfied with the result even if it's not as perfect as my PC with high end graphic.

now i've enabled GPU acceleration on my Mac which i guess the right thing to do.
I love to watch everything in 60fps though.

Since both my Mac and PC are using dual-core CPU,
I don't like to waste my time on converting video from 24/30fps to 60fps using
those Avisynth interpolation technique described in http://www.spirton.com/convert-videos-to-60fps/

So if there are any recommendations/suggestions please let me know ya. Thanks. smile


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Chainik wrote:

I must mention that GPU rendering is different from CPU rendering in SVP, it gives more "smooth" picture.
I personally don't see any issues playing 1080p on 2K screen from Mac Mini with Iris graphics and all acceleration turned on, probably because Mini has much better cooling system than any Mac laptop.


i was quite surprised to see my CPU temp went beyond 90C. hmm

Thanks for the feedback. Cooling might be the culprit here. Did you achieve 100% fluid 60fps throughout your 1080 vid playback? any hiccups here and there?

I'm asking this because I was so amazed by how flawless 60fps playback on my G3258+R9 290 pc...considering that Pentium CPU though...i think my R9 did all the heavy lifting for the most part. roll


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myfakeacc wrote:

Well, there's not much you can do. It's simply the combination of a huge resolution with low power iGPU.
I'm actually quite surprised that deactivating GPU acceleration improves your situation. oO
Other than that, the lower the resolution and the lower the bitrate the less stutter you will have.

Also, using the "optimal" retina scaling/resolution also helps.

it's weird right? lol at first i really thought like "ok this is a mac. with that special Iris iGPU. lets use that GPU acceleration"

then boom. stutters all the way..

actually i learned something from my friend's PC that is using 2nd gen Core i7-2600 + radeon 4000 series (i cant remember exact model).
when i select use GPU acceleration, video stutters like hell. (maybe bcuz of that old radeon card)
when i deselect it, video was buttery smooth. (thanks to that powerful core i7 ?)

i think this is the situation where you don't have to use GPU acceleration when you already have a good CPU.

so i applied that to my own Mac. and it really works. Less stuttering after disabling Iris GPU acceleration.

still weird though. Iris is part of that CPU since it's integrated. but why it failed to decode properly? any clue on that?

and regarding that "optimal retina scaling", how to do that?


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Chainik wrote:

> Bcuz I believe that the Iris GPU is weak.

it's not weak if we're talking about video decoding + SVP + default "opengl" profile in mpv
haven't tried it with "opengl-hq" profile though

how to use that opengl-hq? probably i will perform more testing with that Iris GPU.
probably i need to rephrase that point. True. roll

Iris is not weak when it comes to video decoding.

but most of the time I think it only shows its true potential in Apple's own Quicktime.

that's the weird side of this Mac ecosystem.
it is capable of playing my H.264 4K video at 60fps at 56Mbps like a champ. utilizing just about 10% of CPU resources using Quicktime.

but when i tried to play the same video on mpv, it stutters like hell. lol

probable thats is where optimization really shines in Apple's ecosystem.

since i'm just the user of this SVP and have no idea what it's like happening in the background while it's performing that real time motion interpolation using mpv , i guess i really dependent on you guys to recommend the best for me smile


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i just bought the Mac version for my 2013 MacBook Pro Retina 2.4Ghz 4GB RAM. To tell you my experience lets start with the Free Windows version. I have a reasonably good gaming PC with Intel Pentium G3258 + 8GB RAM +  Asus R9 290. The free version works great on that PC with everything scrolled to the max of slider (High Quality). And I checked on the use GPU acceleration.

Actually I haven't tried it without GPU acceleration. Will try it out next week. Probably will destroy that G3258. But yeah. I'm so pleased with the performance on my PC.

Now onto my Mac.
It's hard for me to tell you how it performed overall because different video file produces different result.

But all my videos are 1080p.
But they have different bitrates and I think that affects interpolation performance too.
The bitrate ranges from 16.5Mbps - 35.26Mbps.

Actually I'm not really good at these hardware/software decoding thing.

To make it simple, it stutters quite a bit (like 5% of the video). What I did to minimize the stutter is:

  • use optimized for Animation. (for some reason Film didn't work out for me most of the time)

  • set slider to about 3/4

  • LOW artifacts

  • No GPU acceleration. Bcuz I believe that the Iris GPU is weak.

And since I do not have any expertise in MPV config, I just follow everything you have returned in the Installation webpage:


The only thing that really make significant improvement is that opengl-early-flush=no

if i set it to yes / auto or if don't set it at all, stuttering will become more obvious.

so, admin, do you have any suggestion for me to improve the performance on my Mac?