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Thanks pezgui, I had to go through the instructions again and find what I missed. Had to set the environment variables and restart SVP.


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I followed the instructions to the best of my understanding, updated SVP, using VLC 64-bit, ran SVP in VLC, confirmed that vapoursynth is showing up in the vlc settings, and turned deinterlacing on but it's not working. The  messages from VLC are:

deinterlace info: Running in IPC mode
deinterlace info: Initializing VS filters...
deinterlace error: File reading exception: [Errno 22] Invalid argument: 'global svppath="C:\\Users\\Vinny\\AppData\\Roaming\\SVP4\\"\ntry {\n import(svppath+"scripts\\2efc.avs")\n}\ncatch(err_msg) {\n ffdshow_source().Subtitle(err_msg)\n WriteFileStart(svppath+"logs\\err-2efc.avs.log", "err_msg")\n}\n'
deinterlace error: script evaluation failed


I was dumb, didn't follow all the instructions. Make sure you set the environment paths then restart SVP, all outlined in the instructions.