Would also love to know this! Have similar setup as well


I love the new transcode feature!
I was wondering how I can set the transcoding settings to the 'animation' preset like in standard SVP.


This sounds interesting. Wondering what the devs think about it...


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I'm still waiting to see a converter implemented into SVP itself. So I can just convert an mp4 to a 60fps version of that mp4 without having to install 3rd party programs and mess around with scripts.


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I'm probably doing something wrong somewhere. But I have been trying to get re-encoding working on Windows and I don't think I have ever succeeded.
Now I'm wondering how to do it in Linux.
Could someone post a full tutorial on how to do this?

Thanks in advance!


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I really feel like this would be a great addition to SVP itself. That would make it a complete solution.

Because now all these programs feel like a 'bodge'...

I also would like some help because when I try to copy and paste those srip files into that folder and try to use them, I also can get the same error.
I don't know how to change the directory anyway inside of the file because I can't get to the script editor I can see in the gif