Hi! I tried to read this thread, and if I understood correctly it detects dropped frames and replaces them with interpolated ones.

Would there be a way to tweak also frames that are not dropped? I'm getting incredibly smooth results, but then there are also "lagged" frames (captured with Open Broadcaster Software) that are just before or after the position where they actually should have been.
E.g. frame 28 should in fact have been frame 27 or the other way around. I suppose the way to do it would be to analyze the optical flow and detect sudden (unwanted) changes in the speed to find these bad frames.

Secondly, some feedback: My graphics driver is old so I had to disable GPU to prevent crash. I was also forced to set thread count to 1, otherwise I could see glitches in the output, the frames would be mixed up a bit about once every second.
It also appears to have some problems at the start of the video, lots of glitches there.

I'm much impressed with the results obtained using SVSmoothFPS, but I have discovered that when capturing on-screen video (FPS games) in many cases the existing frames are "lagged" and therefore have a time-stamp that is slightly off.

These frames would need to be discarded and used only for interpolation purposes, to create new frames that maximize the smoothness of the perceived motion.

Are there any settings (or another tool) that can tweak the entire video and obtain a smoother optical flow throughout?