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Thanks, that was helpful


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I am running SVP4 Pro with MPC HC 64 bit, but Id like to switch to SVP itself to 64 bit. However, I cannot find a link for that, and the link to the online installer I have is 32 bit only.

Also, I have a Xeon 2690v4 which is amazing in multithreading applications but weak on single threaded ones and I was wondering about the multithreading capabilities in SVP, especially SVP64. Also, in this regard, what filters would you recommend for best multithreading performance ?

Thanks, BR


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Thank you very much for SVP Linux !


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I have an email containing my license key for SVP4 Pro. However, after isntalling it from the links I got in the mail or from the license manager, I am still stuck with the free version. How do I active it to get the pro version ?