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Thank you for the help everyone! Everything seems to be fine now. big_smile
SVP 4 is working great!

MAG79 wrote:

It is motion interpolation artifacts.
You can reduce them but not remove completely.
Try "anime" mode or use custom tunning.

Ahh, okay. I'll play around with the settings, but it's not too distracting because it doesn't happen that often. Played videos for a few hours today and only noticed it a few times.


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I took MAG79's advise and reinstalled all SVP components and it had a lot of improvement. It doesn't have the discoloration and double vision for the most part doesn't happen anymore. After skimming a few videos, it only seems to happen now if there is text on the screen with a lot of movement going on behind it. The text is embedded in the video and not a subtitle.
Here's what I mean -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lo2ff3TlOUQ

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

Thank you for all the help so far too!


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Alright, so now it doesn't have the choppy problem, but a new problem has started.
Without SVP videos run fine, but once SVP loads the images get messed up. Parts of the video have a double vision effect and the colors get crazy.
Screenshots of what I mean - http://imgur.com/a/QtUxA
It doesn't happen in every single frame, but just about.
It actually caused my computer to crash twice.

Here's my event log - http://imgur.com/a/LifR4

Please help! Thanks!

edit: Just installed SVP 3 and it happens with 3 as well. Any ideas? :\


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Yeah, I did the clean uninstall through DDU. That's awesome something so easy fixed your problem! (not sarcasm.. not sure if it came across that way. lol..)

Gave my computer to my Uncle for him to try to fix yesterday and I just got an email saying it seems like it's fixed. He said "I re-installed Windows. There is a built in LED read out called Dr. Debug which showed no errors. Basically Windows had no viruses but something caused it to be corrupt causing the degraded audio and video performance."

Going to get it back tomorrow and see how it works out. I'll report back whether SVP 4 Pro runs smoothly!
Thank you everyone for trying to help! smile


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Ahh, right! Figured it might not be SVP since I haven't seen anyone else have this problem. :\ Thanks for helping me identify the problem!
Looked at my GPU and it had errors in the device manager and couldn't run it. Since then I've tried a clean install of the drivers a couple different ways. I even tried a new graphics card in my computer to see if maybe it's not the graphic card's fault and it still had the errors even with a completely different card. The problem seems to be the motherboard.

Going to try to resolve this issue and then see if SVP 4 runs smoothly.


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Keis wrote:

I see somethings wrong of the screen refresh rate detection in your log, it show not only once but every time you tried to start a video playback.

1. Screens: screen 0 - 1920x1080 @1.000 Hz [using OS refresh rate], 96PPI
2. Playback: playing at 1.41035 [23.976*1/17]

How the hell could anything run at a refresh rate of 1.000Hz!?
Video playback at only 1.41035 frames per second!?

I haven't touched any of the settings.
Do you have any ideas how to fix that? Like I said, I have no idea in regards to settings and all that... :\


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Nope, nothing like that. Here's my whole event log.

I tried doing the text version, but it kept giving me warnings about " (i) was opened within itself, this is not allowed" when I tried to post here, so I just did it this way with screenshots.

I updated to that build, but unfortunately it didn't change anything.


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Whenever I try to play a video with SVP 4 the video is extremely choppy. It's constantly jumping between around 2-4 second intervals in the video, but the audio is actually completely fine. I had this problem with the developer version of SVP 4 as well, but figured it was just because it was a beta version. I thought it wouldn't happen with the real 4 version, but it's happening. SVP 3 has no problems as usual.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think it happened after I installed the Avisynth plugin that came with the installation. Without it I kept getting an error message, so it's probably needed (sorry, i'm not too good with the technical stuff).

I'm not sure what to do. Any help would be much appreciated so I can enjoy the new SVP 4! Thank you!

This is for the Pro version

I'm not sure if this video for blocked for "copyright" or not, but if it works.. here's an example - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VApiz6ThulY