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I assume it would be OK to just enable V sync in the application settings, as I definitely do not want v sync on for all applications.

Also, is this for both issues or just the tearing one?


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This is the best picture I was able to get of it with my phone.



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For the past few weeks, I have been having an issue randomly when I pause the video and then start it again. I don't know exactly what causes it and cannot take a screenshot of it as it looks normal on the screenshot.
The top 6th of the video that is playing with sort of be a frame behind the rest of the screen which causes it to look torn. I have had the problem on SVP 3 and 4. I have done a clean install and still no help.

One other issue I have had is that my MPC is extremely laggy, e.g. when pausing, playing, bringing up the menu. I have to enable "use Direct3D 11 for presentation (Windows 7 and newer) in madVR for it to stop lagging. (I found this out by accident when tinkering to fix the issue. Not sure if this is related or not.

My PC specs in case anyone is wondering: https://gyazo.com/78ecc58d5512efa4bea4f235ca908638



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Thank you so much for the fix, it was already fixed before hand by me reinstalling, not sure whether you implemented the fix into the full build, but if you did it worked anyway. I applied the fix just to make sure that it was not going to come back. Thanks for the help.


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I tried it and didn't see any noticeable difference. What was it supposed to do for me?


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What is this for though?


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OK, so I found that it is the 'smoothing' option in MadVR that is causing this. I did some trial and error and found MadVR was the cause by having it off while playing a video and it worked fine after that. I then turned off some settings and when 'smoothing' in MadVR is turned off, it works as it did before I upgraded to 3.1.7. When I pause with it enabled, the frame seems to change to a different one and after a minute it seems like it disables SVP and then when I play the video it has to start again, like when you open up a video and it has to enable SVP when opened and it freezes for a moment. I am not sure whether the 'smoothing' in MadVR is of any benefit, I followed a set up guide on a forum post a while ago.


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I tried uninstalling all of the software to do with SVP and reinstalling, didn't seem to help. The avs+/avs mt set, I do not know what you are mentioning, could you please elaborate? I also tried to install 3.1.6 but I cannot get a hold of the older installer so I am unable to do this and cannot live with using SVP if I cannot pause without crashing/slow downs. Hopefully it is fixed in the 4.0 update whenever that comes out. I may just have to stop using SVP in the mean time.


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Since the update, whenever I pause the video and leave it for a minute or so, it will disable the SVP on the video and if I leave for a bit longer it will crash MPC and I will have to end the task, then reopen the file. I was wondering if anyone has a fix or an option I can turn off/on to fix this, as it is very annoying and I may need to go back to the older version to be able to use it properly.