Hi IceDreamer,

afaik there are no 'perfect' settings for SVP. There are several types of artifacts and more smoothness usually means more artifacts. My personal favorite settings are:
24p -> 48p
Grid 14px. Average 1
Decrease Grid step by 3-4 (very expensive, possibly only placebo)
Search radius small
Artifact masking weak

The rest is default.

Thanks for your support on FAF btw!

Many people like to oversharpen their chroma. Imho it is detrimental to image quality though. SoftCubic 80 is a very good bang for your buck at chroma upscaling. If you do image doubling with NNEDI, it might get too soft though (that can be helped by doing chroma doubling as well). If you have the resources to spare Reconstruction soft can look very good, that depends on luma artifacts of the source though.

Anime is the only case where you want sharp chroma, in that case, treat it like luma.

Jinc AR and NNEDI (32 or more neurons) really are the best upscalers for luma. I like to add 3x Superres.


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Try two fury x and go for 50 hz, that should be doable.