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Here on a 525M it was flickering to black (with some red from the image remaining tho?) constantly on the interpolated frames.


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Does "analyse.main.search.width = 0;" decrease interpolation quality? In my desktop where I can run almost any settings is it worth using the old method?


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I tried testing but it is giving less performance.
normal svp: http://puu.sh/hA4fq/8bee40a0be.png
decoder queue always full, no drops

new svpflow only: http://puu.sh/hA4h3/0cb416882c.png
decoder queue always empty 90%~ performance

all new avisynth, generate.js and plugins:
same as before

gpu is always 40-60%
what is wrong?

Btw is anyone compiling using latest intel processor extensions? (AVX2)

MAG79 wrote:


Thanks for the fast anwser!
I will try to see what is wrong with capture device settings or try other player.
8 frames ~ 130ms lag is good enough  for most games.  big_smile 0.3-0.5 sec is maximum playable lag for me
Looking forward to play some old games smoothed to 120hz. smile

How can I use svp to play games I capture from a hdmi capture card? Is there anyway to reduce the image delay? How many frames is it?
I tried mpc capture device but it skips the generated frames.

Any plans to make svp process without chroma loss? It becomes noticeable on my game recordings/screen recordings that red colour resolution loss. sad