First of all, sorry if this question doesn't actually belongs here
but i've been surfing potplayer forum and it seems not that active there and some old post long time ago still left unanswered
so i guess maybe i can get a real quick answer here , sorry again 

Okay the problem is i'm getting some weird screen stretch issue while using  potplayer 1.6.47450, which is recommended by SVP official website
the screen always stretch either in window or fullscreen, i tried adjust everything via aspect ratio but can't get it fixed,
however if i just use kmplayer, the screen is always maintain it's correct aspect ratio, please refer to the attachment jpg to view the difference
one more thing is if i just forward or backward potplayer, the screen seems perfect for a sec but then stretch again, just like left right and top bottom get crop

so anyone have any clue about this?

edit: left side is pot and right side kmplayer

edit2:accidently disable svp and screen back to normal??now that's strange...

edit3: turns out frame crop settings goes wrong, set it to disable fix everything, my bad sad

If you're interested... Check my article out.

Follow the instructions in the OP to get to the article. Read through the article, it might help you to figure out your settings (first just use my settings with PotPlayer, then if everything is working smoothly, try the media player I am suggesting in the article - but first, make sure SVP is running stable). 2500K @ 4.5Ghz and a GTX 970, you shouldn't be having any stuttering issues unless you're pushing some of the settings over the limit (or not-configuring something properly).

EDIT: Using MPDN or MPC+Madvr I don't have issues with VFR Videos.

Sure, will do
reading it now smile

James D wrote:

Yeah, VFR is pain with SVP. Did you try Svp icon>Fix video>Doubling framerate?

nope, didn't alter any of the video profile as i'm not familiar with all the settings so i just leave it default.

ok i see the target frame rate ( assume the video fix is mean this ) is  to  screen refresh rate (default), will try the double frame rate and see how, thanks for advice

Hi all, this my first time using SVP and it works out truly amazing , thanks developer for making this happens, makes me want to watch my all old video again

Okay so i'm using Potplayer with EVR CP renderer, setting everything exactly according to Maken's helpful guide.
I got my rig i5 2500K @ 4.5ghz, and display card gtx 970, running win7.

Since i have many VFR video, some in mp4 format and some in rmvb, so everything works great except there's occasionally stuttering , like 1-2 secs , happens randomly too.
I've tried VFR repair too but still can't get rid of it, so any other suggestions or something i've missed ?

Thanks  again smile