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svptube transcoding support


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when I run 'sudo apt-get install mpv libass5' from the svp linux page it says 'E: Unable to locate package libass5' Confusingly  this command to install mpv is listed as a common package but my transcoding error says that it needs mpv. Found solution(idk I didn't even bother to type 'ubuntu 18' into forum search before posting this):https://www.svp-team.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4647&login=1


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> I have a suggestion for another program below which I believe is better than MPC. You can try that as well and see for yourself which is best.

You forgot to post the link

I have a computer with an amd-FX 6300. I have 144HZ moniter. The video card i have now is a gefore 210. It can handle 480p 144fps video but that's it! When my computer play 144fps 720p the cpu usage never goes beyond 30% so and when I have GPU acceleration on in SVP my computer can't even handle 480pc 144fps content. So clearlily I need a new video card. I don't care about playing video games I just want the cheapest video card that I can get that can do 1080p 144fps content. Can you guys recommend me video cards?