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Use predefined profiles to get maximum quality. For your system it is 5g profiles set.
Where can I find those profile sets? And what exactly is that?


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I know about internal version, but context menu previev is much more convenient. Thanks, I installed this tool, it works, but it's a bit more complex than version included in K-Lite.

This amount of frames is befor or after SVP interpolation - if I set 60 it will be 1 or 2,5 s buffered? Are there any disadvantages of max buffer size?

What hardvare is needed to play 1080p in full settings? On my computer even in 720p average SVP Index is about 0,85x and sometimes drops below 0,7x (4x5GHz 2500K, 24 GB RAM, GTX460).


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Oh, thanks a lot, you are genious! wink Is it possible to add this options to default audio and subs menu?

And last thing: what should I do to restore Media Info to Explorer context menu?

Ok, one more: what are "EVR buffers"?


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All players and codec packs uninstalled.
SVP installed with MPC-HC, FFDShow and AviSynth, without Haali
LAV Filters 60.1 installed.

All video codecs works fine.
Audio and subs tagged as default (from mkv container) works fine.
Subs from external file works fine.
In Soundtrack context menu is only one track named Audio, and subs menu is inactive, player "doesn't see" another soundtracks, any soundtrack names and any subtitles - subs menu inactive even if default subs are displayed.
No "media info" in explorer context menu.

So, you're right, HEVC works good, thanks for it, but there are another problems. Only default tracks works as they should, and I don't wanna repack containers to watch movie as I like to.


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Ok, it still doesn't work good.

1. SVP uninstalled
2. K-Lite uninstalled
3. SVP installed
4. Haali uninstalled
5. LAV 60.1 installed

- video: ok
- audio: only default, I can't choose any other
- subs: build-in subs doesn't work
x265: black screen and as above
Media info disappeared from context menu in Totalcmd

What should I do?

Edit: everything uninstalled, than I installed K-Lite (with 9 option: LAV) only. Everything works fine, except SVP of course. How can I install it? I need full support for x264 and x265 - video, multi-audio, build-in subs and Media Info in Explorer context menu. Just like now, but in 60 FPS wink


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I do it, and it start work, but after that I couldn't choose soundtrack or subtitles in MPC-HC. But after reinstall K-Lite all looks working good. Thanks.


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If i install SVP I can't play movies encoded by x265/h.265/HEVC - black screen, only soundtrack. Than if I install K-Lite codec pack (without uninstall SVP), it works fine, but SVP Manager doesn't work. What should I do to play HEVC movies in 60 FPS? Can you help me?

Thanks in advance.