Just wondering why SVP linux version is completely free but not the latest version for windows?

Figured it out: in hidden settings, virtualdub was blacklisted, not sure why, works good in capture avi mode of virtualdub

I believe you just need to have ffdshow installed and configure the ffdshow video decoder in codecs to "all supported' for raw video.

were you able to reproduce this?

FFdshow does the decoding for me when i go to capture avi mode, so why does svp not see it?

Hi, does virtualdub capture avi mode work in svp? I have ffdshow running, but svp still says waiting for ffdshow video?

Hi, I am currently using a 3610qm with gt650m/hd4000 optimus. I've tried several media players but not getting any different results, like mpdn, mpc-hc, kmplayer, potplayer, wmp, tried different renderers including Madvr.

SVP is activated and working correctly. SVP settings aren't too low. I'm not used to the high frame rates because i couldn't get the video to be smooth. I can send you a sample video to test, let me know.

Sorry for bringing up this again, but so many videos i have don't have that soap opera effect when using svp. What do i have to do (besides reencoding) to achieve the desired effect, what can be done in realtime that will enable any video to have soap opera effect?

I tried this myself and a lot of videos i have seem to play smooth now, not like before. However I have blurry or ghost-like problems. Anyway to adjust for that?

Hi, anybody heard of dmitrirender  It is not free but is a directshow filter based and uses more gpu than cpu. Looks interesting but i haven't tested it yet. Anybody tried it yet?

I got this from a news site.

"DmitriRender - it is DirectShow-filter in real-time converting the frame rate of the video (using GPU-oriented algorithms Frame Rate Conversion and Frame Interpolation)."

I really dont know how to use avisynth program-any other way to remove blend? Also, is there anyway that a feature can be implemented for videos like this, i've got quite a few of them. Meaning a way to detect these type of videos, remove blend, and them svp?

Right, I have no problem with that video, very smooth playback, but how about the other video, which is 29.97? To me, it just didn't have the same smoothness (visually)

Ok, after testing them, is it normal smoothness or not?

Hi MAG79,

           Were you able to download and play the files? Did you notice any difference between smoothness?

Screenshots here, in ffdshow have to make sure that "allow output format changes during playback" is like in screenshot so video transform filter in kmplayer works.




25.00 Fps


29.97 fps


Actually this is happening for all my computers 2 laptops, one desktop. Orange line moves smoothly, can i upload two sample clips, one at original 25.00 fps and one at original 29.97 for testing?

Solved, it was because i didn't have video transform enabled in kmplayer.

I installed reclock and use it with kmplayer but didn't notice difference. Tried #2, might be a good option. #3 doesn't seem good. I guess my question is, why doe 25 fps videos are more smoother than a video like 29.97 when using svp? Why isn't there an automatic calculation to 60 or 75 fps depending on monitor? Is there a feature that is missing?


   So I noticed that the smoothest video playback occurs on videos that have like 25 fps example: 25* (3:1) = 75 fps. Very smooth indeed, but when I play back 29.97 videos 29.97* (5:2) = 74.925 fps, i notice video is not quite as smooth? How do I get it to 75 fps? To get the smoothest video? How do I choose fixed target frame rate? Thanks for any and all helpful replies.

I have rev 3667 because I want the vfw codecs that are taken out in latest versions.

Just one is loaded which is the ffdshow video decoder not the raw one.

Yes, before it would show the framerate that is actually playing because of svp, which is 60 fps + or minus.

Here is one screenshot.


   I noticed that after upgrading to 3.1.3, kmplayer and ffdshow aren't reporting the correct framerate when svp is running, rather they report the framerate of the file. I know that 3.1.2 everything was fine. Is this a bug or normal for 3.1.3?