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I'd like to use this script

LoadPlugin("C:\\Program Files (x86)\\SVP\\plugins\\svpflow1.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\\Program Files (x86)\\SVP\\plugins\\svpflow2.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\\Program Files (x86)\\SVP\\plugins\\mvtools2.dll")
return final
function ApplyInterlacedFilter(clip v1, string filter)
v2 = separatefields(v1)
even = Eval(filter)
odd = Eval(filter)
return weave()
function SlowMo(clip thisclip)
super = MSuper(thisclip,pel=2)
backward_vectors = MAnalyse(super,blksize=8, isb = true, search=3)
forward_vectors = MAnalyse(super,blksize=8, isb = false, search=3)
# 60000 produces 50% slow motion, 120000 produces 25% slow motion, etc.
MFlowFps(thisclip,super,backward_vectors, forward_vectors, num=600000, den=1001, ml=100)

But i'd like to change the MflowsFps for the SVSmoothFPS, which is far better.

S = V.SVSuper("{rc:false,gpu:1, scale:{up:2, down:2}}")
P = S.SVAnalyse("{main:{search:{coarse:{distance:-100, bad:{SAD:2000}}}, refine:[{thsad:250}]}")
V.SVSmoothFps(S, P, "{rate:{num:50000, den:1001, abs:true}, algo:21, cubic:1, mask:{cover:50, area:100, area_sharp:1},scene:{mode:0, blend:false, limits:{blocks:50}}}", url=URL, mt=100)
GetMTMode(false) > 0 ? distributor() : last

If i Remove the V from V.SVS i get this error > svp_flow_lib must be declared.
but if i put the V back i get this error > i don't now what V means.



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Just to give an example;


See how the left hand of the man on the floor it's totally out of shape/detail... its all blurry. Is there a way to fix it?


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thank you, Chainik.


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I've been using svp for a long time, by far the best motion interpolation that i know.

I'd like to know if there is any script, using svp or avisynth that can help to mask those fast scenes where everything gets blurry and the image loses all the details.

I'm using an avisynth script with SVP code ( SVSmoothFps )


It really helps but i think it's not enought yet.

Thanks anyway.


Thanks, Chainik.

It's working but only when i add this code to avisynth in ffdshow


I click on Avisynth and it start working.

But when i close the video and open another one, the script in the avisynth box it's not select.

Could you write a path so the ffdshow can load the avs script in the start of each video? So i don't need to check the box every time i open it.

Thanks+1, and sorry for bother you.


Like This?

Cuz it's not working.

vectors=SVAnalyse(super, "{}")
SVSmoothFps(super, vectors, "{rate:{num:4}}", url="www.svp-team.com")

Sorry to bump up the thread...

I just would like to know how can i add this line to SVPflow?

Because it's very exausting convert every video that you wanna watch on slow motion, it takes hours, it would be better just use SVP.