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Yeah playing a file from both drag+drop into the MPV window, and the SVP menu works fine. MPV and SVP both work.

edit: so I installed "plex media player" to test as an alternative, exact same behaviour happens :\.

edit 2: got Plex for windows to work, some very old legacy versions of vapoursynth and other libraries that I'm pretty sure where conflicting with newer versions that had remained installed and windows did not properly remove.


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- Just to rule out basic problems; I uninstalled svp & plex for windows via control panel, and reinstalled to their "standard" C:\ locations as well as re-adjusted the environment variables.

Link to SVP, Plex, and MPV logs (for new installation attempt): https://gofile.io/d/anQQzP


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Yup; picture of env variables: https://ibb.co/pP1cVx6
And yeah the mpv-1.dll was replaced
mpv.conf is also edited with:


Looking into the logs of plex for windows, mpv is recognized and running


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Yeah SVP for "Plex for windows" seems broken on my end as well, if SVP is open when I open plex and play a movie/tv show it will hang for a second after opening the media and crash, and will continue to crash so long as SVP is open/enabled

SVP ver:
"Plex for windows" ver:
Plex server ver: