Dear senior R&D personnel, hello, my YouTube cannot be played or downloaded via SVP, please suggest a solution. thank you very much. Because I have been unable to convert YouTube to a high frame rate through SVP for 3 weeks

Dear senior developer: Hello, I would like to ask why the "distorted space" appears in the window position on my video after I convert H.265/HEVC. Nothing else happened except the square windows. How should I set up to eliminate the effect of "distorted space"? I am currently using SVP 4PRO for 120FPS conversion. This problem has troubled me for a long, long time. I very much hope that I can get a reply from senior developers to help me solve it. Very grateful.The following figure shows my current setting information.


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How does the distinguished team set up SVP (Can you tell me a little bit more steps? And screenshots) HDR video is transcoded by SVP for tone mapping? Request method.