So, demos show that NVidia's Optical flow is absolutely amazing... unfortunately not so much with SVP4's implementation of it:

In theory, the image sharpness and the reduced load is so good that it's incomparable to standard motion vectoring.

NVidia developer Demos show NVidia Optical Flow to be extremely fluid-smooth, even at 60FPS (as opposed to 120FPS)

Unfortunately, turning this option on in SVP4, although greatly reducing system load and perhaps making the image more crisp, produces a very stuttery motion. Indeed it is little better than non-SVP 24FPS, but it's NOT nearly as smooth as 60fps Standard SVP motion vectors and certainly not 120fps (my display is 120Hz\120FPS).

My gut feeling is that the NVidia Optical Flow algorithm in SVP4 is set to very low.

This is an amazing technology. Please can we fix this issue, or perhaps give users the option to increase the fluidity with the NVidia Optical Flow option?

Thank you kindly! smile