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Can it handle SVP ok ?

Like in these pictures.

One is a Computer monitor

The other a Projector

If so which do I pick for each one please?


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If so how?

Blackfyre wrote:
ng4ever wrote:

@Blackfyre are those setting really good for MPV?

I notice hardly no cpu usage or gpu usage!

Well a little but only 6% to maybe up to 18%

What CPU and GPU are you using?

And what monitor/TV are using to watch and at what resolution?

i7 7770k

Nvidia 1650

BenQ HT3550 projector

2k computer monitor but i move over MPV to the projector screen. I use extended view.

It always says No active playback. Even when playing something on mpv or mpc-hc

Does it matter if I run on a limited user account and not a admin account?

Sorry again. Noob question.

@Blackfyre are those setting really good for MPV?

I notice hardly no cpu usage or gpu usage!

Well a little but only 6% to maybe up to 18%

Never mind I think I got it I clicked download zip on this page https://gist.github.com/igv/a015fc885d5 … ad89555637

I am so stupid. Sorry.

When I go there and then to the link for it here https://gist.github.com/igv

It won't let me download anything i only get to this page. https://gist.github.com/igv/a015fc885d5 … ad89555637

Sorry. Confused.


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Blackfyre wrote:

MadVR is generally used to upscale videos.

So for example you give it a picture in 720p and you're playing it on a 1080p screen, instead of just stretching the 720p picture to 1080, it stretches it but it adds detail and sharpness for example and re-calculates colour spaces to give you a better quality picture.

So MadVR improves picture quality.

SVP transforms lower frame rate videos to higher frame rate videos, to remove motion blur basically.

See while a picture or a frame is sharp, moving pictures (like videos, movies, tv shows) are a little blurry because the standard was always to film in 24 frames per second for example.

What SVP does is for example transform those 24 frames into 48 frames in each second video (for example if you're using double the frame rate method). How SVP does this is complicated, but imagine frame 1 and 2 get separated, and a new frame is added in the middle of them. Say in frame one the man is running at the left of the picture, and in frame two he's in the middle of the picture, what SVP does is add an extra frame of the man being in between those two points, so the MOTION becomes smoother and the overall picture becomes less blurry.

Imagine playing a videogame at 30 fps compared to playing a video game at 60 fps, or playing a game at 120 fps. It's the same game. It's the same speed, but it's less blurry and feels and looks smoother the higher the frame rate.

Hope this helps. So SVP makes videos smoother and less blurry, that's the idea behind it. While Madvr improves the picture quality of those videos.

Thanks that is very helpful and i understand!

Blackfyre wrote:

Yes I love the picture quality of MPV with 4K HDR content.

Chainik wrote:

still it's slower than MPC-HC x64 ( = "requires more CPU").

Is it? MPC x64 was always stuttering with 4K HDR for me (it was the main reason I switched away), and was extremely demanding even for just 4K it was using a lot of CPU power, but it was working (for non-HDR content).

I have 4790K @ 4.6Ghz right now and 4K HDR requires ~40% CPU usage with MPV (but MPV improved a lot over the last year). This was impossible with MPC x64, because CPU usage was ~90% I think and never worked (stuttering).

Did something change with MPC x64 that I don't know about over the last year. Anyway I am very happy with MPV and its performance, so I doubt I will switch back (I will put my MPV Configuration below).

I watch HDR content at 2x the speed (so 48FPS).

MPV CONFIGURATION: (for anyone interested to test, shaders have to be downloaded separately).









profile-desc=cond:get('height', 0) < 1440

Where do I download KrigBilateral.glsl shader please? Thanks


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I can't figure it out. Such a noob to this sorry.