Can I not just use a video player and select svp engine for that player

Will these play dvd disc and Blu-ray’s with motion smoothing without having to rip them? I don’t want to rip movies....I just want to rent them and watch them smoothed

Hey guys, any help would be greatly appreciated.

1. I authenticated YouTube premium, but it won’t stream my purchased YouTube movies. I’m used mhc.

2. What exactly do LAV Filters do?

3. When I download YouTube videos, are they the regular version or has svp already smoothed the motion?

4. Can svp play bluerays and dvds smoothed, direct from my bd/dvd drive?

Thanks again for any help!

But shouldn’t it be interpolated to 90?

Frame rate target set to 90hz
Monitor is 90hz
Desktop resolution is 1920x1200 @90hz

I’m using svp pro and watching a YouTube stream and it says 60fps
What am I doing wrong? Shouldn’t it say 90fps?