Invidious is an open-source front-end for YouTube which is self-hosted on a wide arrange of instances ( One aspect of using Invidious is being able to proxy videos through the instance and thereby not having to go through directly.

At a glance I can see that youtube-dl seems to support Invidious, so the core functionality should be there to harness from I think.

I'm wondering if it would be possible to add proxying videos through Invidious as an option in SVPtube? It'd be a really nice feature to be able to watch YouTube videos via SVPtube while preserving privacy in this way.

Works wonders, thank you very much!

Chainik wrote:

yeah, can add this in the next release

Sounds great, looking forward to it. Thank you for considering the suggestion and for the quick response!

SVPtube is working wonders and I have it set up to autoplay, but subtitles are never loaded into mpv when autoplaying.

For subtitles to be included I need to manually go to the Show video formats window and play, which will load the preferred subtitle language.

Would be fantastic if autoplay also recognized the preferred subs language and loaded automatically. Would this be possible? Thanks for a great project!