The new HTML player that Crunchyroll has released doesn't work with SVPtube at all. Any video URL I try to copy causes SVPtube to send me the same error. It says something along the lines of "no video formats found".

Does anyone know how to fix this? I've already tried updating SVPtube 2 and even readding the Crunchyroll authentication.


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I've done everything that was posted on the Wiki, without any errors. I've set up the PATH and PYTHONPATH, changed the video_filter permissions, and everything else. However, I can't get the Vapoursynth to appear in VLC. Also, SVP keeps saying I need to make sure I have granted it access to the video_filter folder, which I already have. Does anyone have a solution?

Edit: I've fixed the permission issue, but I still can't get Vapoursynth to appear in my filters on VLC