Wow! It works!

Amazing! Perfect!

Finally I don't have to waste time to convent BD3D to 3D SBS.

Thank you very much!  It did works!

And may I ask another question?   

Is there any way to play BD3D with SVP in Nvidia 3D mode?     

I have tried Potplayer,  MPC-BE, Stereoscopic Player 2.14, only Stereoscopic Player 2.14 can do this. But its 3D vision looks strange and make my eyes tired very soon. Now the only way for me is use BD3D2MK3D to convent BD3D to 3D SBS with resolution 3840*1080, and then play it by potplayer with SVP in Nvidia 3D mode.

But it costs many time in conventing video!Every moive need more than 24 hours with "X264, present=veryslow, crf=16, tune=film....." in order to reduce image qualty loss in conventing.

So is there any other good ideas?

Thank you for sharing you method.

I try according your steps, but it dosen't work.

In the step 4 whatever I choose, there is nothing change. When running SVP, I only see 2D instead of 3D.

Should you please tell me what is the problem?  By the way, my MPC-BE is, SVP is the newest version.