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Svp4-logo-128.png SmoothVideo Project (SVP)

See the complete changelog.

Feature SVP 4 Free SVP 4 Pro SVP 4 Linux Preview SVP 4 Mac Preview Comment
Operating system Windows 32/64-bit Windows 32/64-bit Linux 64-bit OS X 10.10+
Supports DirectShow-based players (32-/64-bit) Yes Yes N/A N/A Requires ffdshow, 64-bit version has some issues with memory leaks
Supports VLC media player No Later Later Yes Windows: won't work on Windows XP
Supports mpv-based players No Yes Yes Yes Windows: requires special build of mpv, won't work on Windows XP
Frame rate conversion up to 60/120/144 Hz Yes Yes Yes Yes VLC: x3 rate at maximum
Ad-free Yes Yes Yes Yes
Frame rate conversion options auto-tuning Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom target frame rates No Yes Yes Yes Free version: "To screen" only
GPU acceleration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video pre-processing Limited Yes Yes Yes Custom video frame crop and resize
Localization to 10+ languages Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support for stereo videos Yes Yes Maybe Maybe
Outer lighting Limited Yes Yes Yes Free version: one predefined lighting pattern only
Manual adjustment of video profiles No Yes Yes Yes
User defined conditions for video profiles selection No Yes Yes Yes
Support for extensions (LED backlight, video conversion, ...) No Yes Yes Yes SVPlight available now, other extensions will come later
Support for BD-3D video (MVC) No Yes No No Experimental, may not work at all
Processing of Hi10p videos in 10-bit mode No TBD TBD TBD Under investigation...
Control multiple videos at the same time No Yes TBD TBD
Remote control via HTTP Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can auto-update madVR :) Yes Yes N/A N/A
Other cool features No Yes Yes Yes

SVP 4 Pro: you'll receive a download link after purchasing.

Please note that SVP 4 is distributed via online installers, please use SVP Maintenance Tool to update existing SVP 4 installation.

SVP 4 Linux Preview notes:

SVP 4 Mac Preview notes:

Svp 48.png SVPlight - control various LED backlight ("Ambilight-like") devices (e.g. Lightpack)

Download SVPlight for SVP 4 Pro via "Additional programs and features" in SVP 4

SVP 3 only: 1.0.1 (07/07/2015) DOWNLOAD (6 MB)

Youtube.png SVPtube - tiny app to help watch YouTube and Vimeo videos

Latest version: 1.2.5 (01/17/2015)
See the changes since previous versions.


Svpmark.png SVPmark 3 - a benchmark based on SVP algorithms

Latest version: 3.0.3b (11/19/2013)
See the changes since previous versions, also read the detailed description.

DOWNLOAD (41 MB) - SFX (self-extracting) archive that can be extracted at any place.

Avisynth.png Additional downloads

SVPflow Avisynth and Vapoursynth plugins download

Archive.gif Archived downloads

Title Version Date
SVP 3.1 Core 3.1.7a Core 11/06/2015 DOWNLOAD
Patch for SVP 3.0.6 3.0.7 03/02/2012 DOWNLOAD
SVP "SmoothVideo Project" 3.0.6 Full 12/30/2011 DOWNLOAD
SVP "Smooth Video Pack" 2.0 12/31/2010 DOWNLOAD
SVP "Smooth Video Pack" 1.4 07/26/2010 DOWNLOAD
SVP "Smooth Video Pack" 1.0 02/25/2009 N/A